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  1. So very true. To get a real cockney these days you have to go to Romford in Essex or even further afield. It seems that the real Londoners have been overtaken. Last year a London cab driver confirmed this and said he was leaving also.
  2. Two can play at that game Mr. Juncker. Theresa May is prepared to block access for European vessels to British fishing waters if talks with the EU over Brexit break down. The prime minister is due to announce that Britain will pull out of the 1964 London convention, the agreement that gives EU nations access to fishing waters between six and twelve nautical miles from British shores. Fishermen from other EU states have more to lose by the end of the agreement. Non-British vessels land an average of 58 per cent of the fish caught in UK waters each year. British vessels catch only 21 per cent of their fish in EU waters beyond the UK exclusive economic zone. Under the policy, the quota is distributed under rules fixed 35 years ago, based on historical catches. British fishermen believe they lost out under these original allocations. In the English Channel, the UK receives only 9 per cent of the stock while France receives 84 per cent.
  3. Wow that is ingenious. Something the rest of the world have known for the last 60 years. How about keeping it in cool temperatures as meat lying in the sun all day looks less appealing by the minute.
  4. Whilst honourable how about the good Yorkshire Muslims who are not radicals or extremists. If there are any. How about them putting their country first (if they are truly British) before their religion and getting rid of this cancerous scum.
  5. Being born in Britain and living and resecting the British culture are two separate things. It is his religious beliefs that are at question not where he was born. Congratulations on your first post.
  6. Yes that is correct and when you have stats like this and they don't seem to be lowering, you have the problem. people can pretend it is isolated but it isn't. Over the last decade more and more problems with cultural diversity and the unwillingness to integrate.
  7. That is a very sound solution and I agree but moderate Muslims because of the religion loyalty comes first to Islam. They may said oh that's bad or it isn't us but how about cleaning up your own mess and getting these non moderates out. That is the crux of the problem. The religion seems to have a stranglehold on their morality.
  8. No you are wrong once again. Go and live in a country like Saudi Arabia and see the way they treat women. How other religions can't be practiced and how you are always a second class citizen. the way they treat others like animals. Having young girls as wives which we would call pedophiles and rightly so How they are inflexible and following an antiquated religion that doesn't belong in modern day society. See the Sharia law, beheadings and beatings and hands chopped off every Friday at the Mosques Then you will understand. I don't hate them, I know that they will never allow integration, even the good people, as there are some. It is the religion and the interpretation that many use. It comes before everything I have saw how my home country has been invaded and over run in many areas. British culture and people diluted to accommodate others and I still feel that Most British people have tried and allow for integration. I know I did. Simply it doesn't work. It may hurt many posters who feel that we are liberal and should all live in harmony. I am sorry to say it isn't the real world we live in. Many people in the UK feel the same way but are frightened to say this for being branded a racist bigot or prosecuted for a hate crime. I expect more and more of these attacks sadly, like in the rest of Europe. Will someone finally stand up and say we have tried and it isn't working. It is a sad fact but it is best if they live on their side and we live on our side our way.
  9. Agree but when you have a religion that won't allow criticism or even telling the truth about the 'chosen one'. Just look at what happened to those who put cartoons of various religious people in a magazine. They were butchered. The likelihood of them marching over Westminster Bridge in disgust is highly improbable.
  10. I agree. I was waiting for someone to put blame on Brexit of some sort. How sad.
  11. From the clip which isn't very long, the pupil interaction is minimal. Teaching is about learning and checking of learning and understanding. This is not evident. Yes it is fun, Yes, she is a 'hotty' but as an effective education delivery from this small clip, it dos not show it. Quoting your times tables a one method of learning, I agree. If the kids in the video were mimicking or copying her, then I would say the lesson demonstrated some learning. It did not.
  12. I am not criticizing her for doing something different, provided it is effective, regardless of your sarcasm.
  13. Not at all. She is their to facilitate learning. She is more like an entertainer than an educator. That is all I am saying. If it was a get up and go and the pupils did the same then OK. For mathematics, it is ineffective.
  14. I am on about the deputy commissioner. Which is now a fact. It was an islamist attack. Well do you support this act of terrorism or not? it doesn't sound like you have any sympathy for the victims or the policeman but just worried about what the major of London has said or not which frankly I couldn't care about. I care about those people who have been affected by this.