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  1. I could never collect enough for the pillow I was planning before my Mom, then my wife would bin my collection.
  2. And escaping the long arm of the law probably explains the guy's insane driving. To be clear, nothing excuses it. But a quick search of YouTube confirms that people do crazy things in high speed chases.
  3. Scary thing is, 20 years ago when they didn't have the military might to do anything in the SCS, we never heard anything of the 9 dash line. Just like we don't hear much today about Bangkok being an important trading port for an ancient Chinese dynasty. I'm sensing a redux of the old "Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere", but the roles will be switched around a little bit this time. Edit: Except for the role of the USA, who seem determined to be the spoilers again.
  4. Mother nature and her storms, tsunamis and earthquakes aren't really kind to low lying artificial structures. Especially if they were built wherever there was a reef, with no long term consideration of the forces at play when she gets to playing.
  5. I was referring to the tort system. He's always suing someone, or being sued by someone else.
  6. Bingo. The present value of 20 years added to a 30 year lease is virtually nil, especially given the vagaries of the legal system, visa requirements, and the odds of a future reversal by the next 5 governments or the next 5 coup leaders. (But I'll bet the locals just add 66% to their 30 year lease price- while rubbing their hands together in glee...)
  7. And Trump knows that system so well, I'm hoping he becomes the poacher turned gamekeeper once he gets his footing to reform it- or at least start the reforms. It's early enough in the game that I'm still hoping his ego won't allow him to go down in the books as just another knob who threw the American people under the bus (again). Early indicators aren't favorable, but I live in hope...
  8. And I suspect a close second (or at least in the top 5) would be suing other companies. Years ago I read that Texas Instrument's most profitable division was their legal department. Suing other companies for violating obscure patents that had acquired by buying defunct companies. Ah, but I digress... Still, can't make a living suing people with an un-rigged legal system.
  9. Lets' see- give up driving and a huge portion of my independence today in return for a 15% discount when I'm already dead? Decisions, decisions...
  10. Gotta give the corporations credit. They get great value for their contribution $$$. Best political system (and politicians) money can buy.
  11. Pretty easy for the spouse to borrow money today (during the marriage) to pay off the debt incurred before the marriage. Then you're hooped anyway.
  12. I'd go one step further and say it wasn't the whole GOP's bill. It was the product of the GOP elite. How do they get to be elite? They're masters at raising campaign money. Where does that campaign money come from? Corporations who don't want cheaper healthcare, and other corporations who know their employees will leave in droves if they don't have to count on employer provided health insurance. To believe Trump is supported by the GOP power brokers is a little naive. They want him out of their way, probably more than the Dems do.
  13. Thailand and China have a free trade agreement that exempts a lot of items from import duties. Not everything, but quite a few HS codes. Out of about 30 small package shipments from China, I've only paid import duties for 3- all 3 of them over $250 and all of them pretty sizable boxes. Anything small doesn't seem to raise any interest.
  14. I'm surprised it didn't arrive "postage due". Now the question is whether it gets to the intended recipient, which would be a great result.
  15. Given the vagaries of the local judicial system, and the tendency for the RTP to look for any non-Thai (especially not Hi-so Thai) to place the blame on, would you? Me? Not on your life. I hear Bali and the Phils are great alternative holiday spots. But I'd probably start holidaying in the Caribbean, just to be a little further out of reach of "the club".