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  1. You mean with the authentic smell of fish collagen !
  2. You are correct. Use caravan appliances. May take longer to make a cuppa, but will taste better in the end.
  3. Leave two seats empty.....doh!
  4. Does Mr P think that you will not get killed as easily in a pre-2012 car? T I T.
  5. But once you are here must it be in Thai bank?
  6. Are you saying that the Bht 800,000 can be in your home (UK) bank.
  7. Luckily, Jan, Feb & March have 90 days, unless a leap year.
  8. What has this to do with 90 day reports?
  9. I got mine back from British Consulate within ten days. Bht 2350 incl postage back.
  10. You DO NOT send your old passport if it is from Thailand, as the law says you must carry original passport all the time. It is up to you to cut the corner off when new one arrives. Or that was it two years ago whn I did mine.
  11. when I renewed my Thai Driving Licence, I had to take off my glasses for the photo, even though I wear them 247.
  12. 'Facing backwards towards the rear of the bike' Is there any other way to face backwards?
  13. Arrested for sexual assault on a boy not yet 15. Does that mean that you CAN assault one if he is over 15?
  14. It is KPH in Thailand, and give me a BREAK!