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  1. "But in defence of the country there needs to be more police ..." I think there are enough (if not too many) police officers already. The problem is most of them do squat -_-
  2. Where can I get a cheque issued in a foreign currency? I need a cheque in US dollars. Thanks in advance for any input
  3. The stupidest thing about the excuse is how bad the excuse is: you accidentally added income from a company onto your asset declaration!?! Even if you blame your assitants why the f you c k would they do it anyway? Oh wait, I just realised I accidentally put salaries from PTT and KFC on my asset declaration form. No I didn't because NOBODY FARKING DOES THAT!!!
  4. Prove what? He admitted to taking the money, didn't he? The head honchos at the police force declared that such payments were acceptable, didn't they?
  5. I'd say calling it Bangkok Airport is nonsense since Bangkok Airport would more accurately describe Don Muang and Suvnarabhumi is actually Samut Prakan Airport, but hey, you're sooo smart
  6. He shouldbe driving a new microbus...much safer apparently >_>
  7. How many of the ''fleeced'' workers were in fact breaking the law though It's all good and well to complain about the useless corrupt police, but many people I know (and see) don't give a flying f about following the law
  8. True, but "clarity" doesn't come into the equation here. One of our members was sued for accident where 2 racers driving on the wrong side of the road crashed into his stationary vehicle.
  9. The ultimate money saver is driving on the wrong side of the road (not the cute motorbike in town way...I'm talking the pickup on the highway way). Can you imagine having to travel 500m to the next available u-turn? Everyone would be out on the streets due to poverty.
  10. Of course all 10 cars were keeping a safe distance -_-
  11. "...there would still be accidents" Ummm...what? You mean pedestrian a mosh pit?
  12. A riot would be unfortunate...would probably lead to national instability. I wouldn't want elections in such an atmosphere, would you? >_>
  13. I think you'd be shocked at the things most likely going on in your "sleepy isaan village"
  14. Fascinating. You should offer online lessons. A few questions, Teach: Why is there no comma before "but" and an apostroohe after "you"?
  15. I'd better tell my Thai friends that Alan Deer says they're racist for complaining about the shocking standard of driving in Thailand. "Racist" the most overused word in recent times that has totally lost meaning.