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  1. I think a lot depends on what side of the bed some of the immigration officers get out of in the morning.
  2. They are just lazy people who think they are above you and expect to always get first choice of seat on buses, BTS, MRT etc. there is no way I will move for any of them.
  3. Ever tried walking along the sidewalks in Bangkok for any length of time, these ignoramuses on motorbikes, also even in indoor markets you have to watch out for them. Stupid, stupid people. But for the main part you are right, Thailand is a lot better to live in than the UK, and probably Australia too.
  4. The same as girls from any country, if they are overweight, or have very short hair, that is a big NO NO for me.
  5. That's only the ones with the very thick wallets.
  6. No man in shorts will be allowed to sit beside me in a plane.
  7. There was a queue waiting and you just walked up to the counter in front of everyone? In the 11 years I have lived in Thailand, no one has ever managed to jump a queue that I was waiting in and got away with it, and plenty have tried.
  8. Yes Colin, I am a nice person, but every country has it's <deleted>.
  9. Just an average drunken Scot I think.
  10. I think they would be too embarrassed to admit it.
  11. Apart from the looks of most of them, I would say that in my experience, their nice nature.
  12. You have been living in Thailand too long, they are addicted to noise also.
  13. As a professional musician back in Scotland, I have played with the duo 'Joe Gordon and Sally Logan", "Andy Cameron", "Frankie McBride and the Polka Dots" who had a hit with "Five Little Fingers". In Nashville Tennessee, I met "George Hamilton IV", and "Roy Acuff", and no, I have not met "Sydney Devine", although I stood in with "Legend", Sydneys backing group for their bass player at a gig one night.