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  1. A WP is not a visa or visa extension. It is just permission to work and to get it, one must have visa status that permits one to work. Business visa is one such, but so is extension of stay based on marriage.
  2. In Thailand -- and especially in Bangkok - outpatient clinics are mostly located inside hospitals. Vejthani Hospital is located on Lard Prao and moderately priced...but even they do a mark-up on meds, so you are better off buying the T at a pharmacy and just getting your labs done there. As for who injects, could try bringing in your own vial and asking the hospital to do it. If that gets a bad reaction, ask around where you live to find a nurse willing to do it at home for a small fee...or learn to self-inject.
  3. Not the case. "(4)Individuals residing outside United States or residents of territories Any applicable individual shall be treated as having minimum essential coverage for any month— (A) if such month occurs during any period described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of section 911 (d)(1) which is applicable to the individual" And section 911 in turn are the requirements to qualify for foreign income exemption - either out of the country for 330 out of 365 consecutive days OR established a bona fide residence in a foreign country. No requirement to be paying taxes.
  4. A post containing ethnic slur has been removed.
  5. Try it without the "ปลด" in front. Just " gà~sǐian lɛ́ɛo " or ป็น in front works for me
  6. There is only one driveable road through the park. The various resorts -- all of which are located outside the park - all have tours or taxis you can rent. But be aware that (1)if go in more than 1 day, have to pay the 400 Baht entrance fee all over again each day; (2) there is only 1 waterfall that you can drive right to, all the others entail a fairly significant hike (though there is usually soemwhere to park before starting the hike); and (3) there are lots of nice hiking trails, including a pretty easy one that links 2 waterfalls. You can get trail maps at the park headquarters and I think they may indicate which are the best ones for viewing elephants etc. For all those reasons, I also recommend overnighting inside the park itself, preferrabl;y with a rented car or moto, and plain on a fair amount of hiking. The park is quite spread out.
  7. I had the same difficulty until I finally learned the word for retired. I don't know the Thai spelling but it is pronounced kes-i-yan. Make that "kes-i-yan แล้ว " and everyone understands perfectly.
  8. It is possible to buy this over the counter and DIY, but it is not advisable. You should get a proper medical work up first, including T levels, digital prostate exam and PSA. It is important to exclude a pre-existing cancer of the prostate before strarting T replacement. And if your T levels are already normal, you will undergo unnecessary expense and soem risks by taking it when the cause of the problem might in fact lie elsewhere. There are male doctors specializing in male health issues who can help you with this. Where in Thailand are you located?
  9. It does indeed require a prescription. Most clinics, unless specializing in psychiatry, will not carry it as the FDA requirement on record keeping are a pain. All the hospitals have it, however. Getting a script for just a few tablets - which is all anyone is going to give you when the reason is to sleep on the plane - should not be difficult. See a an internist (GP) at any hospital OPD.
  10. several off topic posts have been removed. Let's get back to the mouth-watering restaurant reviews, shall we?
  11. A number of bickering and/or flaming posts have been removed. If you cannot post in a calm and civil manner, then do not post at ll.
  12. Glad to hear it. I take it they spoke English well?
  13. Atenolol has been off patent for eons, doctors still prescribing it is not due to profit motive. More likely failure to keep up with the professional literature.
  14. To get to Ban Laem you'd have to get Ekkamai bus to Chantaburi and then a minvan or taxi from there and probably have to overnightin Chantaburi first. The Myanmar option will be quicker but I don't know anything about getting there. Maybe Ubonjoe will.
  15. Moved to Don Muang sub-forum My experience mirrors that of the [prior poster - they may weigh but only if it looks heavy/large