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  1. It maybe the original developer's holding who have gone bankrupt.
  2. Water leaking from the unit above yours into your unit, fire detector testing or faults etc
  3. Unless its a Government official of course where you think a slap on the wrist and early retirement with full benefits is a fitting punishment.
  4. It's a condo not a serviced apartment. It's not the job of condo management to handle your visitors or tradesman, they are paid by all co-owners to manage the common area of the property. If they start being allowed or are encouraged by co-owners to start helping with units it's a slippery slope to get on. It's much easier to just not allow it all. I believe it's a good idea to leave keys with management in case of emergency anyway.
  5. And exactly the same could be said for the army and Democrats.
  6. Putting aside the issue of whether the PTP could care less about any type of reconciliation, the simple fact is that they make a fair point. The military are quite simply not independent or neutral in this. They have been, are and will continue to be heavily involved in the countries politics, and its political problems. On top of that, it is exacerbated by having someone who many believe has been heavily involved in the military actions in politics (Overt & Covert) over the past decades as the person charged with leading the process makes it even more difficult to comprehend that it is actually a serious attempt at improving things. This guy lest we forget was even in the previous Democrat Government! The PTP make a fair point on this, whether for the right reasons is debatable. The fact that the NCPO put Prawit in charge of the process also makes it difficult to believe their is any sincerity on the NCPO behalf. In fact it is so obscure putting him in charge its like they are taking the piss. Admittedly finding an acceptable neutral person would be difficult.
  7. This one is far less clear cut than many. Obviously the guy doing the U-Turn has misjudged his timing, and perhaps the speed of the oncoming car. The guy in the BMW appears to be going at fairly high speed, and experienced and careful drivers anticipate these type of issues at U-Turns and ease of the throttle and prepare to break or take avoiding action. The fact the BMW was in the left hand lane may indicate he did see the car coming and went over to the left to try and go through, and perhaps the U turn car misread the intentions. Either way, it is far from conclusive and from the limited viewing on the video, perhaps some fault can be laid on both.
  8. I presume soi 11 may be more strictly covered by law enforcement or the area has a higher proportion of potential reprobates which makes it more likely they are cautious when selling.
  9. I believe if you are buying over a certain amount the ban does not apply. From memory the figure is not excessively high, perhaps 4-5,000 baht which if you are buying wine may only be a few bottles or less.
  10. What has your post " Has anybody anywhere ever claimed he was intelligent? " got to do with anything?
  11. Well yes, better to trust the intellect at the head of the RTP, led by the chief of police who cannot even fill in a tax form, or read what someones written for them. Not sure who has the brains out of this lot.
  12. Rule 2 & 3 of assassination, live in a foreign country for 3 years prior to doing anything, and rule 3 store all your weapons in your residence/business where people are definitely not going to look.
  13. Rule one of assassination is definitely to announce your intentions far and wide.....