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  1. So a fairy tale for the gullible then.
  2. Yeah, well, the Thais have no say in a Korean Americans choice as far as I'm concerned. Nationality isn't the same as ethnicity.
  3. No, I'm advocating that a person's identity choices are theirs to make. No one else's.
  4. No I am advocating understanding, tolerance and respect for another's choices. Just as I expect the same in return. As for someone of Asian birth who obtains an African passport, then yes they can be considered African. Or are you advocating ethnicity determines nationality?
  5. Her image has been used to sell a product without her permission. She, like anyone else this could happen to, has every right to be angry and file a complaint. Her chosen profession is irrelevant.
  6. Convoluted, contrived and ultimately not worth the effort. And that's just the article's headline. As to the show and those upset by not seeing who was behind the mask...😴
  7. Obviously too stupid to remember "do you know who I am?" Oh wait, this moron's not important, except in his own deluded mind.
  8. He assaulted a 77 year old man. An apology is far from an appropriate response. BIB can't be arsed with the paper work I'm guessing.
  9. I thought the avatar was used in irony.
  10. Hmm...good to know.
  11. How inconvenient.
  12. How convenient.
  13. Doing that won't bring about reconciliation you know...