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  1. Songran around the moat will look a little different this year if Thais aren't allowed in the back of pick ups
  2. yes, the water is imported from China which is much colder than Chiang Mai. Chinese water is cheaper than Thai water.
  3. I was first on there around 1999/2000 but was banned. I came back a couple of times but completely lost interest around 5 years ago. It was crap when I left and then got worse.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good bottle of ketchup to go with burgers? I've tried Roza (too red) and Heinz (2 baht more expensive than Roza) but nothing seems to meet my aesthetic, taste, price and colour requirements.
  5. Community bars need personalities. They can be either customers or owners but you need banter in a bar. You need to know that there will be a bunch of fellas laughing and joking even if you aren't participating. The bar needs this kind of energy. My local pubs back home were all like this plus women weren't encouraged unless they were slappers. Men can be themselves. This is a formula that works in most places where beer is sold to men. TV screens, menus and absent bar owners doesn't create 'atmosphere'.
  6. He won't learn much about Buddhism as a Thai monk.
  7. lucky your father isn't a human rights lawyer called Somchai; your father wasn't murdered
  8. I remember throwing tennis balls at a paddle. If you hit the paddle, the barmaid was dunked in a tub of water.
  9. What are their burgers like?
  10. There's something seriously wrong with a foreigner who wants to dress in the uniform of one of the most corrupt police forces in the world.
  11. 20 million passengers a year, or 55,000 per day. What drugs are these people on?
  12. have you been to big c recently? they have a whole range of new t-shirts for under 150 baht.
  13. Salaries range from 25 to around 33 in Chiang Mai.
  14. What they mean is that they want Western money that will be spent 'imaginatively' to create and then maintain the park. In return when westerner's visit they will be expected to pay 1,000% more than Thais who haven't contributed anything to the park.
  15. If you possess a recognized degree (any major), you can obtain at least two 2-year waivers from the TCT teacher license requirements at OBEC schools. IE any degree allows you to teach for up to 4 years. After this, you'll need a post-grad qualification in order to obtain a teacher license. This doesn't apply to language school teachers. They can teach for ever on any degree and sometimes degree-equivalent qualifications.