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  1. Sorry Papa was supposed to say Aerox my sincere apology.
  2. On a Thai Xerox forum they are reporting 35 to 40ks/L.
  3. I fully renovated our place and did a lot of the work myself and organized everything, no work permit and no one battered a eyelid just left me to it. Maybe if I was in a more visible position say on the main road the police might of stopped bye.
  4. All those saying it will never happen, it is well under way in Khonkaen, ground work in place all through Khonkaen and the concrete supports for the raised lines going in now. They have also started to knockdown the old railway station and have built a temporary one. The back of our village where it goes through have had land reclaimed to build fly over road bridges, and we had a visit from the railway authority to discuss the reclaiming of the land.
  5. What do you mean organized?, is it a get together for coffee meeting by ex bar girls on how to extort money out of farangs?.
  6. Lesson to us all living in Thailand, keep your head down and keep out of trouble or one day your dream of living here will be wiped out in a instance.
  7. Doe's he own a crystal ball, very hard to predict what will happen.
  8. Southampton had over two weeks with no games gave them lots of time to prepare, us on the other hand had 4 games in the same period. It was a good win in the end won by Zlatan he is some player and some on here doubted he would even get to double figures. We are holders of both domestic cups and the Charity shield not to bad for a side coming 6th, maybe we are a cup team.
  10. Yes it looked OK to me, only reason I can see it not given is the player he was passing to was well offside and then the other player came from nowhere and slotted it in, makes up for 76 I was gutted that day.
  11. The game is on Thaitv channel 30 MCOT HD.
  12. Awwwww, didums,
  13. Did you the link, 2nd poster mentions about overheating, also another poster quoted him about overheating and about Thermodynamic's.
  14. This one forum I read a while ago they mentioned about shearing off a layer of the pad, have a read mate.
  15. With the wave discs, from what I know they are prone to overheating and wear through the pads very quickly, They do stop the bike very quick but the downside is brake pad wear.