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  1. A Work Permit (from the ministry of Labour) does not permit one to stay in country, that needs an extension of stay (from Immigration). The extension can be either on the back of the WP or as the spouse of a Thai.
  2. These little Hondas produce peak power at about 3,000 RPM with a recommended speed range of 2,000 to 3,600 RPM so you want to arrange the gearing (pulleys) so the engine is running in this range. What speed is the pump rated at (should be on the pump somewhere) and what sizes are your pulleys? If you have air in the outflow are you sure there are no leaks in the suction?
  3. Did you actually ask in Global or show them the photos? Anyway, I've seen both in HomePro (ok not in CM but they ought to be everywhere). In order to avoid splitting one would normally drill a pilot hole although the tiny screws you'll likely be using for you braces (<1/2") should be fine.
  4. And of course the delightful Ursula was the original SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed).
  5. I have no reason to disbelieve you NilSS, but until we can verify with another PEA office it's currently hearsay. Any indication how a sparks would get certified? The certification body? The actual requirements? Setting something like this up takes time and a willingness to actually act, something which Thailand has demonstrated a total absence of many, many times over the years I've been here. I'll talk to our electrical chaps (yes they really are engineers), they will ought to know about certification.
  6. What would you define as a high-income job? I and many other have jobs earning USD xx.000 per month and have marriage extensions.
  7. Meanwhile this is the only reference to RCD I can find on the PEA websiteความรู้เกี่ยวกับไฟฟ้า/ArtMID/606/ArticleID/12303/PEA-แนะไม่อยากถูกไฟดูดต้องรู้จักเครื่องตัดไฟรั่ว-RCD
  8. Pop the cover off the motor, square black thing, usually two wires.
  9. The flight out to Thailand will likely have them, they'll need them on the way back. Obviously that's the last resort but I don't have a better idea. When we went to the UK by ferry they had to turn the boat upside down to find a landing card, the one we got had a nice smiley face in wax crayon on the front. The immigration chap at Dover smiled broadly before letting us in no problem
  10. Not seen puppies, but there are reports of scam sales of exotic birds, so if someone is doing dogs I would not be surprised. Always see the animal in the flesh, preferably with mum, get some sort of warranty, same as you would back home. We have two fantastic little woofers (Thai "Chihuahua") and they were FREE.
  11. Thanks SR, that has some useful information. I don't suppose that baby slide is available in Thailand? It would be more suited for our application than the bigger one I showed.
  12. ... and Harmony Angel Evidently I too was conditioned by anything Anderson I still ended up married for 20 odd years (they were pretty odd) to a blue eyed, blonde haired, Essex girl (yes all you have heard is true). Come to think of it she did look a bit like Steve Zodiac's squeeze, Venus.
  13. And don't forget TinTin, no, not that one, this one:- Evidently Gerry Anderson had a thing about Asian ladies too
  14. At 6 years it's probably time for a new capacitor, a cheap and easy fix. If that doesn't do it chances are it's the speed control switch. Pretty sure you can get both at Amorn.
  15. Any particular reason you don't want to / can't pump directly from the bore? Or ground mount your tank and buy another pump with the cash you save on the tower?