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  1. Why don't you chaps embed your links? Such a mess. Just click the link button on the editor toolbar (5th from left). Your loooong Phiphitthaphan Phra Chutha Thut Rat Than string pointing to this place in G maps: ... can become this. Op, would also suggest Kanchanaburi. Some nice digs on the river and interesting road trips to waterfalls etc. By the way, don't you just love the visits from folks back home. And they always want you to take them around everywhere.
  2. I know people will harp on about education, impropriety or whatever, but this uniqueness is why I love Thailand. Won't see it anywhere else. Oh, and yes, she is gorgeous!
  3. 'Myth of melting ice and rising seas' Water ice melting has no effect on levels but land based ice certainly does. There is also the little thing of no more bergs in the Atlantic leading to the cessation of the North Atlantic drift which would be very bad for Northern Europe. I just find it odd that people cannot see the correlation between what we're doing in industry and the effects on the wider world. Typically old fuddy-duddies with clouded minds.
  4. The courts would be inundated. Removing, or the threat to remove, vehicles is the quickest, surest way to achieve results.
  5. Bringing home countries logic into the equation is not good for one's constitution.
  6. Umm, okkaaay. Maybe if you wanted to live in China.
  7. If they're not paying tickets, what makes them think they'll pay any fines? Just impound the vehicle.
  8. Subs are supposed to, aren't they? Duh.
  9. This bloke defends Thai males by trouncing Western males; nice counter. I too have many Thai friends (and have nothing to do with any bar scene), from peasants to hi-so business owners and everything in-between. Many of them are wonderful, but I am under no illusion that if they were made to lose face a lot of them would lash out and lose all reason. His spending serious time here means nothing if all he is seeing is the placid good side. Generally, they can be the nicest blokes in the world to be around when at peace (and I prefer to be around Thais than my own)... just don't wind them up. And don't play snooker.
  10. Something so wrong going on in the minds of 'some' of these people. An animalistic trigger where all empathy for another human goes out the window. This fat little rat should be swinging from a rope, but we all know he won't even do any time.
  11. They won't be able to dive because there's too much plastic down there [emoji23]
  12. Songkran 2017 death toll prediction: more accidents and deaths than any other.
  13. 66 years too late but better late than never.
  14. Am still doing 'Stand on Head' now To what end? Humans are a funny bunch. If I head an ear issue, the last thing I'd be doing is anything to increase the pressure in that area.