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  1. Yes. I am also young enough to remember Gracie Fields.... but is this the biggest espideztra of the world???
  2. Who? A guy who's been here only 40 years, never met a policeman but who suffers from SWS (small willy syndrome) having said that I have been here as long, or longer, met a very broad cross section of Thai society and have to agree that there is an issue with many Thai men... but then men are only small boys in long pants....
  3. hahahahaha 1080 is poison!!!!
  4. 8 inches long, 8 times per night, 8 days per week ???!!!!
  5. Go back to science 1.... CO3 = carbonate!!!
  6. Clearly insufficient football fields at Burupah!!!
  7. "I'm Jak the Cat, with an extra hat" - apologies to the Aussie paedophile
  8. No suggestions of such a thing in the video one day you you might recognise that saying such things reflect your own mind and character, not those of the people you are speaking of
  9. FYI Bangkok International Airport is located at Don Meuang. This story has nothing to do with the Airport in Samut Prakarn
  10. To some I am a cool guy. To some others I am hot. To me I am just well seasoned!!