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  1. Half a Mo here please. In the story it states the Ladyboy was sitting in the car. What <deleted> car, who was driving it, you nicked a phone but stayed around the scene???? Methinks there is a lot more to this story but actually who cares??? Just another day in Paradise, aka Thailand. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  2. And when he gets his arse handed to himself in the rematch will the General Premier be so supportive???? His opponent seriously underestimated him and payed the price for his folly. Next bout, watch out. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  3. Excuse me BUT who gives a fiddler's fart about a drug deal gone south in the distant past? If that tosspot was that stupid to begin with let him rot in a Thai jail. Why his whereabouts or his condition is relevant at this time boggles my mind. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  4. Let's for the sake of argument that this actually comes to pass. With the two days of practice, one day for qualifying and the actual race on the Sunday where are the tens of thousand of people going to stay??? In Buriram??? That city simply does not have the available rooms to accomodate the fans and you know right well Newin will make sure all his special friends will have first go at what is available. So where to for the unlucky fans, Surin, Prasat, Si Sa Ket? Get real, only Surin might be able to handle it but the commute to and from the Circuit would be a nightmare. Drive up from Bangkok on race day??? Yeah right. Fly in on race day?? Not unless you will enjoy sitting in traffic that is not moving as the Airport is a good 30 minutes from the Circuit. When pigs fly will Moto GP come to Buriram. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  5. Phnom Penh as I know the game is on the up and up. Never would I play poker in Thailand. I don't consider the odd poker night with the boys to be nothing more than an evening of relaxation and taking the piss. Naga World in P.P. three times a year all is just fine. As a bonus, the skill level of the players is below par and makes for easy pickings if you mind your step. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  6. Boy am I glad to read in todays Bangkok Post that Uber told the Transport Ministry to go pound salt. Stop the Uber service now for up to one year in Thailand while we study the issue???? What a joke, we all know in Thailand that these studies are useless. Uber to their credit rejected this lunacy and will continue to service Thailand and pay any fines that a driver might encur. Let these clowns who drive a red bus and the taxis who refuse to use a meter suffer, they deserve everything they get for years of abusing passengers both Foreigners and Thais alike. Go Uber, you have my full support. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  7. I forgot to ask you. Are you by any chance one of the posters who always seem to have something negative to say about O'Malleys, be it the food, the service, the cat on sites such as Trip Advisor??? Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  8. Your ONE photo taken from a distance, you claim to have actually gone in and still did not see the lovlies??? You Sir are bearing false witness to the FACTS. By the way I never referred to the photo you posted, I simply stated for the record that on St. Patrick's day there were six lovelies there all evening. Five provide by the beverage distributor and one by the owner Scot. In your photo of O'Malleys I happen to be in the photo at the table in the back and was there for four hours so I am at least am not talking out of my <deleted> when I dispute your B.S. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  9. No lovlies this time at O'Malleys???? Sir, with absolutely no due respect to you, are you drinking your bath water once again. Did you even go by there or if so were you wearing blinders? Three lovlies in black tight skirts, two lovlies in black pants and white shirts and of course the amazing Ice who was showing off two of her best assests. That was six lovlies by my count who helped make this St.Patrick's at O'Malleys one of the best ever. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  10. Since this is supposed to be about the Forza 300, has anyone purchased the new, 2017 model and care to share their thoughts? I have been to two large Honda dealers here in Chiang Mai to check them out but was told have to order one as they have none in stock. I wanted to see one, sit on it, check if they have made it look less like a moving bathtub. As Yamaha have now entered the picture with the upcoming availability of their Xmax 300 in April and by the way from videos, the spec sheet and the price 160000 baht this maxi scooter is going to give the Forza a serious challange. Hopefully I can see both of them in person at the International Motor Show in Bangkok at the end of March as it appears neither Honda or Yamaha dealers in Chiang Mai will actually have models on the floor for viewing orcso I have been told. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  11. According to Travel Titbits reporter Karnjana Karnjanatawe in todays Life Travel section of the Bangkok Post this expansion of the Airport will not start until an environmental impact assessement takes place and work would begin in 2019. What a load of twaddle, work on the project has been ongoing for the past six months at least as anybody can readily see for themselves if they drive/ride by the southern part of the Airport on Hang Dong road or even better the soi that runs on the west side of the runway. Just another typical example of a Thai reporter talking out of their <deleted>?? Or more than likely since TIT, sod the environmental report, it isn't going to stop what we have already started and plan to finish. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  12. If Irish Stew is not made with Lamb, it ain't Irish Stew. I oughta know as my Mother prepared it once a week for myself, my brother and my father growing up in Carlow. Even when we immigrated to America she would always make it for us and it was with Lamb. A heresy to spoil one of Ireland's culinary treats. For those wishing to sample real Irish Stew with Lamb simply head to O'Malley's Irish Pub any day. The owner, Scott, takes great pride in this dish and he is the one who prepares it everyday. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  13. There is such a gym in Maya Shopping Mall on the 5th. floor. I believe it opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 22:00. Very near the full service gym and the Camp Coffee Shop. This particular gym is strickly for Muay Thai and should fit your needs to a t. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  14. In that very same article in todays Bangkok Post this earsling Sanit Phromwong had the audacity to claim that most of the 100000 taxis listed give good service and that his department, LTD, take passengers complaints seriously. In what altered universe is he talking about??? Kissing the arse of the Taxi Mafia here in Chiang Mai may have been the operating model in the past but no more. When your everyday normal Thai person takes to social media to voice their frustrations about the taxi and red bus service it's only a matter of time before their voices are heard and they get answered. As for his minions posing as customers, just how desperate can they be? Uber and Grab drivers caught in this B.S. should alert their fellow drivers to these earslings by posting a list of the phone numbers used by these people amongst themselves. When one of those numbers shows up when they try to book a Uber or Grab ride guess what, no one accepts your booking. Uber and Grab are here to stay, get used to it Sanit Phromwong or get out of their way. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  15. I fully support Uber and take it as much as I possibly can. I tip the drivers as I appreciate their punctuality, the condition of their cars and the way they drive. No way in hell will I set foot in one of those red buses nor in any taxi that refuses to use the meter. These clowns operating said vehicles are fighting a losing battle as Thai people are beginning to see the benefits of using Uber and for that matter Grab. You can't stop of flow of progress by running around and taking photos of these drivers and then dropping a dime on them. Clean up your own houses, treat your passengers fairly, use the damn meter and maybe you will stay in business. Somehow I don't see that happening, what I think might happen is groups of these jokers physically assulting Uber and Grab drivers. It won't end well as cars will be damaged and drivers ending up in the hospital or worse. Sent from my SM-T805 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app