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  1. I like him. But he's wrong with the submarines.
  2. The headline goes same with many corrupt people . He has income 100K monthly but have hundreds of millions in offshore accounts.
  3. Approval. Those who spend their money on a savings account with these low interest rates are not properly informed. Whenever the inflation rate is above the interest rate, classic saving makes no sense. But with advertising standing on your private ground, it is not everywhere the same. Next time they want tax if your park your car on your private ground. Could be advertising. Hey he has a Range Rover, let us tax him .
  4. Sorry to read this. If you have a clear contract, the GM can not revise you so easily. In your contract, there must be at least notice periods. Or you rent only from month to month?
  5. Agree with you in general. We must pay also taxes for advertising. All our advertising signs are on our private land The government has not helped us with one baht. But they are taxing us for our advertising signs, which standing on our private ground. TiT.
  6. Agree. The constantly changing rules of immigration policy Insecure many potential investors.
  7. Sorry dear minister. That is not allways true, I know a lot of cases were the government do nothing to improve the infrastructure. Even after a flood disaster, the authorities do nothing to repair roads or provide relief funds. The residents are often left to themselves and repair in self-government. I do not see that in these cases a tax is justified.
  8. I had thought that there was a new law which obliges the plaintiff to bring his complaint personally on the spot.
  9. Or give the money for the land purchase your mother-in-law. Let she buy the land. Then rent the land from her for 30 or maybe soon 50 years. 2 weeks later, the mother-in-law can then give / pass the land to your Thai wife. This should only be done, if one is sure that the family functions. Not everyone has luck with his Thai marriage, but there are also many where it works. And if you have common children, then they can/will inherit. I would not necessarily say that rent is always the best.
  10. The RTP employs between 210,700 and 230,000 officers, roughly 17 percent of all civil servants (excluding military and the employees of state-owned enterprises). Let's estimate that 50% of them working in the service outdoor on the streets. Rounded: 100.000 men “From September last year until today, more than 680,000 traffic tickets were issued to violators..” From September to March is rounded 6 month. So 680.000 traffic tickets divided by 100.000 police officers result in 6,8 tickets per officer in 6 month. 6,8 tickets divided by 6 month results in 1,2 ticket per officer per 1 month. Each outdoor policeman creates statistically roughly 1 ticket per month! I think these are just the official tickets.
  11. It is to be doubted whether there are any military-strategic research reports on the necessity of submarines for Thailand. A pleasure-shopping without sense and reason at the expense of taxpayers. “The submarines from China are the cheapest with the quality relatively acceptable". “We are not rich, and we don’t have much money to spend [on them]. We cannot build them on our own ...." These are all arguments that speak against this purchase. The reason for the purchase must then be another.
  12. The deal would cost Thailand Bt3.6 billion. ups Where is the rest of the 36 billion?
  13. Or he should be transferred to the submarine fleet.
  14. I also see that the mood has changed significantly from many normal people, who really live from hand to mouth. Many have real existence worries.
  15. As I understand this, parts of the temple land have been acquired with misappropriated money. Should not the property ownership relations be resolved first, and the fraud victims compensated?’s-daughter-under-spotlight/