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  1. Well in the photo in the first post she is wearing 4 bars and is referred to as a Captain.
  2. Congratulations to her - its a hard but satisfying effort to become an airline captain. There are now many all female crews on the flight deck, which is then known as the box office not the cockpit (told to me by a female captain).
  3. Best: Singapore Airlines, with Thai International second. Worst: Any Low Cost Carrier - take your pick. Worst because of low safety standards and records to match. Safe flying was never meant to be this cheap.
  4. Shorts and polo shirt at home and in the village but long trousers/jeans in the city. Mossies never bother me much and that includes years of Hash Harrier runs wearing shorts and running singlet in the jungle, oil palm and rubber estates - which are the worst for mossies. Oil palm for cobras! In Kuala Lumpur the local authorities sprayed often and inspected premises for standing water etc. I have not seen this in Thailand? But a young Japanese engineer in my KL condo block died of Dengue Shock Syndrome within a few days. If you suspect dengue get medical assistance ASAP.
  5. In Australia tank tops are a garment made of stretch material worn by girls from above the waist to just above the breasts. Presumably your tank tops are a sleeveless T shirt. Please correct me if I am wrong. What's a wife beater and what's its origin? Shorts above the knee and sandals or flip flops (called thongs in AUS!!) are OK in Australia but NEVER with socks. Shorts were OK on the beach in Malaysia but if you wore them elsewhere you were thought of as a coolie. In Thailand I wear polo shirts and shorts in the village, but longs in BKK and dress up for an occasion. Speaking of T shirts I saw a beautiful and very well equipped young lady wearing one with "I wish these were brains" on it. Best ever .
  6. My recommendation is Singapore Airlines. 3 flights a day SIN-LHR I think all are A380. Lots of connections BKK-SIN-BKK. The A380 in business has a 1-2-1 layout, flat beds, service excellent, both in the air and on the ground. If you can afford it fly first suites - best in the world. Transit in SIN very good too - better than Dubai (Disney world on steroids). I would have suggested Thai but you don't like them. Non stop BKK-LHR-BKK, and I find their seating in the A380 excellent, service good, but over to you.
  7. Someone (?) once said that if you divided the world's total wealth into equal proportions for everyone on earth, inside of 10 years the proportions of ownership would be much the same as seen now in Thailand, Russia etc. The rich will get richer due to business acumen and/or corruption, and the poor will get poorer due to bad investments and lack of proper governance.
  8. I use online transfer in AUD from my WESTPAC bank in Australia to Bangkok Bank accounts - they do the conversion. WESTPAC fee is AUD20, and BKK Bank fee is bt200. Provided the transfer is done before 2 pm AEDT the money is in the BKK bank by 3 pm Thai time same day. Good service and never had any problems. The Western Union instant transfer fee is much higher but normally their exchange rate is better - but the bank transfer is cheaper. The only advantage with WU is that its almost instant but you have to go to a WU agent to collect. But I will check out the Smart Baht system as their exchange rate looks better. Any comments on how long the transfer takes?
  9. Well I am in my mid 70s and have not hit old age yet. Still work, travel, walk 2 hours a day and enjoy life with a much younger wife. However if God had meant us to live this long why didn't he/she give us better teeth, eyes, backs and bladders??
  10. Her name is actually Quentin Bryce and she was Governor General the government spent the money sending her round the world to get support for Australia to get a seat on the UN Security Committee - which was successful - but it was not for Kevin Rudd. As far as Rudd is concerned he should not be supported for the position of local street sweeper. He was a hopeless manager when he was PM, gave almost incompressible explanations and speeches (maybe these were in Mandarin? who knew?) he was disloyal to Julia Gillard when she was trying to get the Government re-elected, and deservedly lost his seat in the following election. I am no supporter of Labor, Gillard or Rudd but facts are facts. I think that there are much better candidates for the position.
  11. They don't have to claim it - they are buying it bit by bit. At least the National Party are trying to stop this stupidity regarding agricultural land. As for Australian real estate agents they don't care so long as they get their commissions. I recently picked up a listing from a Queensland Real Estate agency of properties for sale in the Gold Coast region. It was all in Chinese.
  12. What is a drop bear? In any there are bears in Australia. The koala (which is a vegetarian) is not a bear it's a marsupial. Koala comes from an aboriginal word meaning "no drink". The koala gets nearly all its moisture and food from eucalyptus leaves.
  13. Breeding? The brilliant but certainly not good looking playwright George Bernard Shaw was once approached by a famous beautiful actress of the day who proposed that they mate, as a child with her beauty and his brains would be incomparable. To which Shaw responded "but what if the child has my beauty and your brains?"
  14. Good post. Problem is your version doesn't add up. It's an "official" version. You're very welcome to believe what you want, however. I have no problem in believing facts - its fantasy that's the problem. The world's aviation industry operates on facts, and I hope you don't mind my saying not on fantastic and frankly ludicrous observations. There have been some humorous posts here and that's OK, but I do ask you to respect the families and friends of those missing on MH370. The wife of a Malaysian friend was on that flight and he and his children, as do other families, need to have compassion and closure.
  15. Whatever the OP saw at low over Pattani was not MH370. The Malaysian Factual Information Report released on 08 March 2014 (you can downloads it) shows the radar track of the aircraft on the Malaysian DCA ATC radar located at Kota Baharu airport on the east coast of the peninsular, about 20 km south east of the Thai-Malaysia border. The track crossed the coast just north of Kota Baharu and continued tracking south west, and crossed the Thai-Malaysia border at the border town of Rantau Panjang, about 100 km south of Pattani - and that is the nearest that the track ever got to the OP's location. The map that the OP included in his post shows a direct track from IGARI to VAMPI which is not correct. The aircraft did pass over these waypoints but flew to the south west from IGARI until near Penang, then to the north West to VAMPI. The DCA radar tracking was confirmed by the Malaysian Air Force Air Defence Radar. These radars, unlike civil primary radars (remember the MH370 height reporting transponder was not on), have height finding capabilities. The MH370 altitude was detected as between 31100 ft and 33000 ft crossing the peninsular. So not only did MH370 not overfly Pattani, its altitude was above 31000 ft - not a the low level that the OP reported. Nobody knows what really happened to MH370, and we wont know until the wreckage is found and the flight and cockpit voice recorders are recovered. Until then do what aviation professionals are doing and wait, and not make ignorant and insulting remarks about the Captain and crew of MH370. I am still an Australian taxpayer and support funding for the search for the wreckage until it is found.