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  1. Headline -Irishman 'critically wounded' in BKK airport plunge Lead Line - BANGKOK — An Irish tourist was critically injured Thursday morning after falling from the fourth floor at Suvarnabhumi Airport, police said, describing the plunge as intentional.
  2. In Belgium & France it used to be give way to the right so people could just pull out in front of you from a side road .......
  3. They did buy a lot of aircraft in the pursuit of global domination.
  4. I don't think it's going to be required with the way Erdogan is going as most Europeans will boycott Turkey & Turkish Airlines for holidays & transport. It's awful transiting through Istanbul as a Brit flying to the UK as you have to go through 3 security checks ( I like flying Turkish Airways), I think it's the same for US citizens so it's probably restrictions our governments make. I also think the ban is to do with helping US airlines as you can still take your electronics on board US airlines on the same routes.
  5. I saw for the superbikes a paddock pass for 90 euros and the pit lane lounge for 320 euros online.
  6. Kodi will run on pc & mac. There are android emulators for pc and the best are bluestacks and koplayer as mobdro only runs on android but this is a bit hit and miss as the current mobdro version isn't compatible with any of the android emulators I've used at the moment. This changes with modro updates, some work and some don't.
  7. My Aussie mates have got a bar in Ban Phe, Rayong to pay for the subscription and as they like a tipple it's in the bars interest to do this. It's a bit more expensive than I remembered but still good value if you're into it I think as you can watch the games on demand anytime.
  8. I found this for you as well but you will need a vpn (virtual private network) with a server in Australia to watch the games on ch7 free to air. I just remembered I watch the footie with some Aussie mates and they have subscribed to the official stream and it's not expensive, will find the link for you.
  9. you can always try watching online at but as always make sure your popup blocker is on.
  10. I had another look and you're right but I see 2 people running away but I think they were pedestrians who had narrowly avoided a rta.
  11. I read yesterday that any flights with a connecting flight you will have to put your electronic devices in the hold luggage at the departure point. Before this ban you were asked to hand carry your laptop and electronics as they couldn't guarantee they wouldn't be stolen but also because of the risk of lithium batteries catching fire in the aircraft hold. I'm an avid reader and my Kindle is almost essential in the cabin as I read not watch movies on long haul flights, there will be some irate passengers on overnight flights when people have to go back to reading books with the overhead light on.
  12. I'm surprised anyone is going in the sea in Rayong at the moment as it's still full of rubbish washed up from the storms from down south, I've never seen the beach here so full of rubbish. See pics below, the 2nd shows the Thai's attitude to taking their rubbish home with them ...... We have some Russian guests staying and they are amazed that no one cleans the beach, the restaurant vendors clean their patch of the beach and burn the rubbish.
  13. I blame the one pulling out as well, he crossed 3 lanes not giving the approaching driver anywhere to go. He made no attempt to stay in one lane and accelerate up to the speed of the traffic.
  14. and they're buying 12 off the French even though they cant get enough crew for the current subs.
  15. I thought that they had held one motogp race there, the BT sport motogp commentators were talking about the circuit last season and saying how much they enjoyed it there and were hoping to return.