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  1. Amateurs. These home invasion punks got more that they bargained for:
  2. " His team has not been able to meet Phongsanai Saengtala who has been in custody and is a key witness in the Chaiyapoom case." did they take Mr. Saengtala socks away from him?
  3. yes it amazing to me given this mentality that the Thai people have not taken other matters into their own hands. Not going to say which ones.
  4. " Jirapan said he lost Bt20,000 in a boxing bet and held Udom accountable." He is gambling but somehow someone else is responsible. Typical. " He said he asked Yutthana to help him attack the referee on a motorbike..." Coward. " but he did not know that Yutthana was carrying a loaded gun." BS.
  5. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. there is a big difference between forcing safety regulations for mini vans and trying to control a huge number of peoples "religious" beliefs.
  6. " Minister of Transport Arkom Termpittayapaisit has responded to announcements by the Interprovincial Transport Van Association that it will suspend operations from April 1 onward in protest of its drivers having their licenses seized..." please go on strike... I may actually go somewhere on my motorcycle for Songkran if these a**holes are off the road.
  7. " The eco-conscious Paradise Island Festival..."
  8. WOW! This woman is frickin' nuts.
  9. " Residents of Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Pranburi District have complained to the Marine Department after 37,500 tonnes of muddy sediment, dredged from the navigation channel at the Hua Hin–Pattaya ferry pier, was dumped on Pranburi Beach." it just goes to show the big money behind the ferry project. I live in Hua Hin and hate to see the ocean destroyed here. And Pranburi is one of my favorite places.
  10. Admiral Ho Lee Fuk of the Chinese Navy says he can't wait to get a Chinese sub maintenance base in Thailand. "All part of our long term plan. And the Thais will pay for it." He said. Vice Admiral Wee Too Low of the Chinese Navy echoed that sentiment. "We can thumb nose at USA and visit Pattaya, a city Americans started. Spanky's a go go is my favorite."
  11. "Corruption and the foreign crime gangs it fosters stand in the way of turning Thailand into a real country." there I fixed that first sentence.
  12. Army mafia telling the police mafia to tell the mini van mafia what to do. oh, by the way, did you hear there is no prostitution in Pattaya?
  13. photo caption: "You know, like, I just like realized, like..."