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  1. Guaranty the BIB's will wash their hands of this and tell all three parties to pay their own way.
  2. Bangkok Post BreakNews 17:05. Ombudsman petitioned over casino..........
  3. This not Cali. This is Thailand. That bucket is over the so called emergency lane which makes the biker going the wrong direction go further out into the on coming traffic. The rest is history.
  4. Yes it is. Take it frame by frame and you will see what caused this and what happens. The gentleman that got his foot clipped is the number 1 cause as he parked the tractor to far out into the highway, the bike going against the traffic is the number 2 cause as he was forced further out which cause him to be clipped by the biker who was in the right and wearing a silver or gray helmet. The biker that is seen clipping the gentleman is innocent.
  5. Bangkok Post Front Page Breaking News. Summer storm troubles isan. Stop the rains. BTW its coming down in buckets and not a plane to be found.
  6. BD. We are getting solid rain every day in these areas without someone taking credit.
  7. Have to keep the political powers of the area happy.
  8. Yep. This is the smugglers crossing by farangs for bringing back excess cigarettes and getting busted by customs. I personally know of 6 that have done this with fines of up to 50,000 baht. This crossing is controlled by the army not immigration. This crossing is considered a local crossing not international. A farang has to leave their passport with the army to cross over. There are only dirt tracks on the other side and you must travel about 5km to reach black top and then its potted. GPS 14.3345462205, 103.1759367 BTW in the photo the casino is to the left of the gentleman and has a tower crane standing over it. That crane and casino have been there and under construction for at least 5 years and that gate has not been opened.
  9. Why join? PEA turns the power off with no warning for up to 8 hours every week.
  10. Songkran just around the corner they have to take precaution against face powder bombs, high pressure water guns and buckets of ice filled water.
  11. BG's will look stunning.
  12. You have Soi Kola in Surin. Just like you never departed Pattaya.
  13. That casino has been under construction for 4 years that I know of and that crossing is a local crossing controlled by the army not immigration. Some would like that crossing to be international but with out a very large influx of foreign funds for infrastructure on the Cambodian side (dirt trails) the only thing that crossing has going for it is its the Number 1 market for the farang to get his fags and then get busted by Thai Customs and pay fines up to 50,000 baht for smuglying.
  14. That was stopped at Surin Immigration ever since Buriram Immigration was split off for its own, and that has been about 9 months now. It was not just two rogue officers but the complete office doing this. Surin Immigration was called Kap Choeng Immigration. There has been no report out of SI of this practice being reinstated. Saying that, TIT.