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  1. If you have insurance, it will help :-) Regards. MS>
  2. Sawadee Hotels on Soi Honey-Inn, Soi 10 Beach Rd. & Soi Bouakao do, not exactly guesthouses, so. Many on Soi LK do, just walk by. Or Meow at Diana-Estate / Diana-Oasis with many private studios for rent from 1 week up in nice surroundings. Many of the guesthouses are overpriced now, compared with better hotel rooms. Check out Agoda & TA for special deals. Can find some good bargains, but very popular places are still firm in season prices. Nice holiday! MS
  3. Hi there Anybody happens to know and E speaking architect, draftsman etc. who could draw up a simple addition I wanna build on one of my properties/house. I need that office to get proper approval at City Hall, as one of the neighbors is not a very friendly chap, so better do it 100% correct & official, even so most other house just go and do all kinds of changes to the buildings. Possibly somebody already attached to City Hall to simplify the process. Thanks for any hints & help. Regards. MS>
  4. I am waiting for them, too. Was told last month, it should be coming to Bouakao area this year. Whatever this might mean :-) MS>
  5. Anybody with personal experience of the 20/5 or 30/10 Fiber/Cable by Sophon? Price 500/600. At the end it is not top-speed, but reliability and international bandwidth/speed that counts. Thanks for any feedback. MS>
  6. O yes, the air-con on 18-C and windows and doors open, because it gets to cold, is another super annoyance. No matter how many times the office is asked to leave it on 25 C, the next day it is down to18 C. But a friend who owns a few hotels, tells me the same about his guests. Many of them leaving air running, even if out of the room. Until units freeze up and windows are wet with condensation water. Ignorance & lack of caring for others and nature....??? Sad world. MS>
  7. Is it just me that experiences this? Any staff - in-house or external - like internet guys, contractors, maint. guys etc. on most my properties never ever close gates or doors, even so there are signs in Thai etc. etc. Is it just ignorance or ignorance combined with arrogance. Or plein "I don't give a sh.... stupid, rich falang!" ? I treat all these people nice, tip them well, get them cold drinks & fruit etc. when I am around. I ask them friendly to close the doors or access after leaving, 9 out of 10 don't!........ But I am slowly feeling I should change and be like most my friends. Tell them off and make complaints with admin office, where available. It is slowly but surely pissing me off. I just consider it unfair and can not imagine why these people act like this.Treating people nicely seems to have more and more a negative effect, especially with young Thais. I don't even get into the quality of work or mess they leave every single time. Ore do we find a similar excuse, like: "they dump garbage everywhere, because they are used to bio-disposable banana-leafs, these poor, underprivileged people? Pretty lame, ne? Rant over.....Going out to close the gate the third time today! MS>
  8. Thank you all. Had a quick checkup with Dr. Pornchai / Chief-Urologist. Absolutely perfect from A-Z. Friendly, patient, caring and obviously very qualified..... Have lots of own experience and friends & other I take care of and bring to BPH-Group. Next cardio. Can only make very positive statements about the level & quality of service in Pattaya and BKK-General incl. Watthanasot. Regards & stay healthy. MS>
  9. Thank you kindly Rimmer, JeanPierre & Sheryl. Great info, that confirms older posts. Have a nice day all. MS>
  10. Good evening. Anybody with a recommendation for a cardiologist at BPH? Thank you very much. MS>
  11. Lack of education, respect and total disregard for other human beings. Most won't even stop for somebody in a wheelchair. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, stopping on my bike to check on an elderly foreigner that had a fall on the side of the road and immediately an elderly Thai man pulled over next to me to see if he could help. Still some good ones here....MS>
  12. And.....This from a leading University dermatologist in Europe, who treated me last year. Keep using 50+ Sunblock, while it will not fix the damaged cells or heal melanoma , it will protect you and can possibly even heal low grade (basal cell carcinoma etc.) according to new studies. Good night & Good health. MS>
  13. A reminder to check your skin for suspicious lesions, moles, not healing wounds etc. Most of us are at an age where not only our skin shows wear and tear. Many of us have had plenty of sun & outdoors, already during younger years. Even so I have been aware of the dangers and had some check-ups during younger years, I got the shock of my life 2 years ago with a bad melanoma on my back and subsequent major medical stuff, that is still ongoing. Dr. Anna, who treated me and did immediate surgery and started all necessary action, is certainly a big factor, that I am still around. She even delayed her vacation to start move my complicated case! Melanoma is very aggressive, spreads very fast and kills within months once it got into your organs. The last 2 years I have sent a bunch of people for a skin-checkup and 3 close friends had low to mid-grade melanomas. All were removed successfully and they should be OK. There are other, lower grade skin cancers, very common with old folks. I highly recommend to anybody with sun damaged skin or multiple moles etc. etc. to do a check-up. Dr. Anna is a clinical/disease oriented dermatologist with tons of experience and she CARES!!!. The cost for a potential life-saving check-up is about 1/5 - 1/10 of a similar one in the USA or let's say Switzerland or Downunder. Say Hello from the grateful "Paraganglioma" .....No need to be shy or afraid, she makes the check-up an easy and fast matter and will inform you in detail how to proceed with anything she finds. Lower grade skin cancers often get removed the same day. I must have tried and done every possible method and I am still able to go out without a mask still. Got a load of scares from various cancer surgeries so :-) Don't let just any Dr. or surgeon cut out your cancer. Melanoma is a very difficult matter and few Dr.'s here have much experience with it. Hopefully this post helps a few, not to get to the point that I arrived at 2 years ago. Please don't make this into another cost discussing rant, reality is different.......I write this to help some people hopefully avoiding the big, life-changing word of CANCER! Best of luck. MS>
  14. Thank you very much! MS>
  15. Thanks & all. Should have googled first. Found some helpful posts already. Good night. MS>