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  1. I love the way that rich people are lauded for all the magnificent charitable works that they have done in their time but we never hear a word about all the people they have crucified along the way.
  2. The Chinese would not be happy with the THAAD system because they would like to think that some day the North will attack the South and then they can come in behind and clean up with some sort of peace deal. Straight out of the Art of War.
  3. but in all of the above cases there was no language barrier, unless you are referring to the near genocide of the American Indians. The Spanish didn't last in South America, only their language did. Westerners don't seem to hold to their history as adamantly as the Chinese do, for example, the Chinese navigators travelled far and wide in ancient times. There have even been Chinese artifacts found in Australia that date back long before the first Europeans arrived. As an aside, living in China myself I can tell you that the Party here are not so much admired and most of the populace would rather live elsewhere to escape the controls placed on them here. I don't think they would want to toe the Party line if they managed to move elsewhere.
  4. I have often wondered about expansionism. When the Japanese overran S.E. Asia during the second war I don't know how they planned to administer their new found empire. I believe it would be the same with the Chinese or even the USA for that matter. Consider the predicament that Greece is currently in. I am sure that if China made the right offer that they could take over the government without any battle whatsoever, but, what would they do with it? Running the place would be a nightmare for them. Everyone knows that controlling a conquered people on their own soil is next to impossible. I believe that if China really wanted to expand then the first place they would take would be the Korean peninsula which would be strategically important in regards to taking on the only real people that they see as their enemy, the Japanese. Things like the Nanjing massacre are never forgotten by the Chinese. They have extremely long memories.
  5. I think I'll sit this one out and wait to see the end game.
  6. True but to most Queenslanders Sydney has always been a part of New Zealand anyway.
  7. 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Seems to me that when I was a kid in the 50's that there was an expression...............100 degrees in the was common in Oz. 103 doesn't seem like a big deal.
  8. The most amazing thing about this is the fact that so many people are amazed.
  9. I wooed a local sheila, her ma called me a brute. Her old man chased me with a spear, and I ran like a bandicoot.. If you've never been chased by father's, you don't know what you've missed my friend. Cause after you've jumped the barbed wire fence, you look back to see what you've left behind. a case of 4 X and everyone's a bloody romeo and hero.
  10. It would be incredibly convenient if at this time an outside country were to declare war on North Korea. Naturally they would request assistance from other countries. Any guesses?? Brilliant concept.
  11. Everyone is missing the main point. (pun intended). Where to buy the damn stuff.
  12. Carfentanyl , the drug that they are bleating about in Australia, only requires 0.002% to just touch the skin to cause death. I am sure there are others.
  13. Happened to me once but when she saw it she just slapped her chewing gum on the top. When I asked her "what is that for"? She just said "Never you mind, just put it in and when I start chewing pull it out."
  14. For the same reason that prostitution was illegal in most countries until they figured out a way to tax it.