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  1. I am glad you are happy, but as I have shown, the actual cost of this 150 baht-worth would probably be about 15 baht. Btw, they had potatoes there too.
  2. Two big heads of cauliflower -- 38 baht. Eleven large egg plants -- 10 baht. Seven large, tight heads of lettuce -- 20 baht. Large sack of cherry tomatoes -- 20 baht; 15 tomatoes -- 36 baht. These were purchased at the Royal Project shop near Wat Phrathat Doi Kham. So we've got quite a mark-up here; for example, a head of lettuce at the market in Central Festival is 30 baht (or more), and the ones I purchased were 2.86 baht a head. Many people go there to sell in the market, and with these sorts of mark-ups, it's no wonder.
  3. Note: this is not about moderation, it is about nomenclature on the site. What is a "staff" and a "member"? Moderators are members, but in the "Staff directory" under "moderators," you only find a few who are moderators. One moderator in the staff section is a "newbie" with zero posts and last looked at the site in February 2015. Another moderator is also a "newbie" who joined in August of 2016 and under "Last visited" we have "Never." Are these mod groupies? What is an "Honorary member"? Is that like an honorary alumni, someone who doesn't actually use ThaiVisa but was given a symbolic membership? How can you change your title from "Advanced Member" to something more colorful, like some of the other members/moderators? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. TWO BAHT!! Good God! This profiteering is outrageous! Kewpie mayo: 2 T Rice vinegar 1 T Malt vinegar 1 t salt 1/2 t MSG powder 1/2 t Japanese mustard powder 1/8 t Hon-dashi ( fish broth bouillon) 1/8 t Garlic powder 2 large egg yolks 1 cup veggie oil (or soy oil) Then emulsify with a blender. Note of curiousity off topic -- why would anyone move from Japan to Chiang Mai? Are you being punished?
  5. This should be obvious, but when you shop for a thermometer, you need to compare all the ones they have there to find the ones that are out of the mean -- ones reading clearly too high and too low. Then again, your smart phone has a thermometer in there somewhere....
  6. ...because you have Hypnotoad protecting you....
  7. How did that happen? Soap, spray, towel dry.... I have never had any problems like this. I usually go to the car wash at Ruamchok Market (now "Mall").
  8. I bet you can get your car washed without having to speak any language.
  9. Daiso shops have them for 60 baht. There's one in Central Festival.
  10. Why would you even think this? Looking for the darkest interpretation in the simplest of requests.... This is a good question, not only for kids but for adults too. Not only are there pretty much no parks in the city (save a couple), there is no place good to ride a bicycle.
  11. This will probably get me in trouble, but when I was a moderator on the Taiwan forum, Forumosa, we had a public section where anyone could post anything (within reason) about moderation issues. You could name names, complain about thread closings or inconsistencies or praise nimble invisible hands. Whatever. And as moderators, it was useful to have a public place for not only feedback, but venting as well. ThaiVisa, as far as I understand, doesn't have such a feature; the only contact you can have is through a Private Message. I believe such a forum would be of value to ThaiVisa, both internally and publically. As for relevance and ease of use, I only use a computer and the forum never hangs or is slow to load anything. Ads are not really part of my interest, so whatever people make of them is up to the individual. Perhaps the dynamics have changed regarding the people who are either living in Chiang Mai or visiting or planning to come. There could be some negative Pygmalion effect sort of thing going on -- the lower the expectations, the lower the result. Fewer interesting threads, fewer interesting replies spawns apathy. Having said that, there is no other viable source for immediate, man-on-the-ground replies to questions you might have than on ThaiVisa. Sure, there are numbskulls about, stupidity and people being willfully obtuse, but if you don't have thick enough skin for ThaiVisa, then maybe you ought to shuffle off to the Christian healing network, where things are softer and fuzzier.
  12. I don't know if it's the same as ... some decades ago when I was living in MacAmerica, but if you ask for something slightly different on your burger order (we used to ask for extra pickles and onions), they are required to make a fresh one from scratch. And at least back in the day they did in fact put extra whatnot on your special order with no extra charge or head-scratching.
  13. Not in Samui. You don't pay, people will come (including the police) and physically throw you and your belongings out. Quick sticks, not years, not months.
  14. The computer brain posted my reply 3 times....
  15. The OP says: "...locating our physical body somewhere at altitude high enough to be much more now." You need to be at "altitude high enough to be much more now?" What is "much more now"? Do you mean "naao" (หนาว) as in cool? If that's the case, then Chiang Dao, as nice as it might be, will not be any cooler than where you are now (unless of course hike and stay at the very top of Doi Chiang Dao.) Look on a map. There's no place in Thailand that will provide the relief that you want. Cairo has nice weather; parts of Japan; South Korea, or Tibet are a few possible places to go. By the way, this thread seems to have been hijacked into a Songkran thread rather than a, "Where to go to avoid it" thread, which seems to be the OP's intent. Lots of off-topic stuff here, unfortunately.