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  1. I missed out the darkside one. I have yet to venture out that way and wasn't even aware of it. Thanks KK & TS.
  2. Which one have I missed?
  3. I won't smoke it here but have done many moons ago in UK (illegal) and Amsterdam (legal). It gives a lovely mellow feeling and heightens all the senses. I know you like your music, so it is worth pointing out that many great works have been written whilst under the influence of dope (and worse). Think Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Led Zep, etc.
  4. Time to change the forum heading to In Your Pants.
  5. Good baht bus service too from Naklua. Enter at the front on Beach Road, exit out the back onto 2nd Road.
  6. The place at the back of Central Marina has a big choice at lower end prices. They deliver too.
  7. My local burger bar sells burgers in black, green and pink buns. I have seen red, purple and blue bread in a nearby supermarket. Must be a Thai preference.
  8. NB. Robin Hood at Avenue is under the same ownership as the 2 named Retox places. Check their website for details. Deals may well be accross all their venues.
  9. Doubt he is English and certainly not Scottish. If he has seen the food prices at motorway service stations he can be forgiven. Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask.
  10. It is not a sport; the bulls can hardly be described as enjoying the event. They are probably acting out of fear and self-preservation. Spectators should be put in an arena with some hungry lions to see if they enjoy the sport - if they live to tell the tale.
  11. I doth.
  12. All operators have to be insured to operate on the beach. 4000 Baht is nowhere near 50% the cost of a jetski. The renter pays the excess and no more. It seems a fair price to me.
  13. Good Swedish meatballs would be a welcome addition to Pattaya.