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  1. The 2nd 30 year lease indeed is not legal but worse still should the Thai or company die or fold the new owner it seems is not tied to the original lease and need only pay a small percentage of the value of what remains on the lease.
  2. Twitter users were wrong. At least I think so? If my memory serves me well Patrick in Irish can be spelt with a Ph. There are at least 10 variations in Irish on how to spell the name. Anyway does it really matter?
  3. I have a Thai friend ( female ) she works for the Thai social services and says for the past 10 years she has faced similar cruelty and brutality. That she is ashamed of her fellow countrymen. That when she brings these abusers to the judicial system that nothing happens. because those who police and adjudicate are devoid of normal human compassion. Recently after numerous self threats to quit she finally gave up because she realised she could do nothing. That certain public do gooders were only looking to publicise themselves and taking advantage of abused women and children. For 10 years she gave her all and achieved nothing because nobody really cares.
  4. Perhaps this is more likely what the police want the mother to say than what she actually said?
  5. Chalong Police Station? By all accounts it's still a top location to buy mind altering substance. The former tourist Police volunteer dealer was was based here has moved to Phuket prison where he is well known to the local users and pushers.
  6. My understanding is the BBC were advised to remove the meat from the Jonathan Head story and left the veggies thinking well what can happen if the lawyer has admitted to his crime? They were wrong of course. I know of another even more shocking story about to break that will drive nails even deeper into the system.
  7. The full extent if what's going on and what has been going on in Phuket over the years has never been reported in the media least of all by the BBC. Lets suffice to say that the most interesting and shocking aspects of the BBC documentary ended up on the cutting room floor.
  8. The court issues a directive to Phuket immigration to provide him with a court visa for the duration of the trial and he is black listed so even if he has his passport he is not permitted to leave Thailand... legally that is.
  9. I've lived here 16 years and now there are many many more reasons why not to come here than there are to come here. It's taken a while to accept that in the eyes of most Thais we are lesser beings and they really don't want us here. Anybody who invests time or money in Thailand is crazy. As the song goes ...."This party's over I'm going home."
  10. Maybe I'm missing something? Forgive me if I am but icould the message just as easily be a letter informing her he's moving on ie the relationship is over?
  11. I fully support the comments by Dogmatic i.e. ...Their pro bono defence team which had no experience in murder trials and no understanding of DNA analysis fell apart at the trial. Pig headedly they refused to put the internationally renowned Oz expert witness on the stand and went up a blind ally with Khunyimg Pornythep's testimony on the hoe instead (not Pornthep's fault), when their was no reason apart from xenophobia not to let both of them testify. Since the trial there has been a scandal about an advisor to the defence making off with some of the funds raised and general bickering. The appeal is obviously a write off and Unless some white knights come to the rescue, their appeal in the Supreme Court will also be a shambles by which time they will have been largely forgotten anyway. Justics for the poor in Thailand. The truth of what really happened on Koh Tao and in Samui Court remains a closely guarded secret .... Indeed secrets. What is not secret is that these two Burmese boys are in jail for a crime they did not commit and the 4 factions that should be seeking truth and justice seem to have other agenda's. That is the police, the media, the MET and the defense team. Anybody privy to the crime scene photos and with a modicum of intelligence can see evidence that would cast great doubt on what was reported to have happened that night and why the police want to clear this up as quickly as possible. The limp wristed defense team and at least one of their advisors have recently been questioned on other forums and have refused to account in detail for the funds that were raised to defend the boys and their eh curious modus operandi. Facebook can be a great tool in search of justice but it can also tell a sorry tale of the comings and goings of the defense team advisors. Seek and you will find. There are enough sleuths here on Thai Visa not anchored to Thailand to dig out what is really going on. Start on Facebook. Others for eg long ago predicted the outcome of a recent court case and were proved correct. What do I know for sure? Nothing but nothing stacks up as it should and the Media including the BBC are aware of what is happening but remain mute. The old school tie system is strangling two young boys for a crime they did not commit. The great pillar of the news the BBC is crumbling ashamedly. Where is the old Media adage? Publish and be damned?
  12. Read what I said .... " it's as close to criminal defamation as it gets!"