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  1. totally disagree . Vietnam airlines has an easy simple website . and its simple to add on extra luggage. they just keep it simple selling in 5kg blocks u can buy as many as you want. it don't get any easier. I would consider flying them from us to asia but they only fly from west coast of us I think
  2. sorry to have to state this but if shes in the sea wouldnt the fish have gotten to her by now. whats the point
  3. do u have any idea how many arms sales the us are having to Vietnam . taiwan . etc. over this issue? big money
  4. if she is a diver. her lover is a diver he went to phill. their are only so many dive spots their. couldnt he be found their to be interviewed? is he coming back to Thailand?
  5. thai mediums versus Russian mediums. LOL
  6. just that you know this issue infuriates most americans. we do not and will not accept the fact china stole an entire ocean. usa has 7 battlegroups and us admirals have experience with sea warfare. so china better take notice pronto
  7. I thought the cops were gonna interview the missing womans partner who went off to phillipines whatever happened to that idea
  8. if her buddy is in phillipines why don't the thais sent an agent over to phillipines or ask the phillipinos to help talk to that person.
  9. I don't think vietjet flys from swampy do they. Vietnam airlines is a much better airline than vietjet. check out their website as about as easy as it can get.
  10. thai has superb service levels. and they don't seem to be as greedy as the other airlines. although their prices can be a bit high
  11. if you get one baht more per dollar then 1000 dollars I get 1000 baht more.............ok I will use super rich. I just went to the one around corner from big c.. their seems to be about 10 different exchange rate shops in that area with exact same rates.
  12. where are u from . you are hiding 20k under your pillow. whats your address? but seriously,,, usa only allows 10k exported money.. they have dogs that are good at smelling money.
  13. have u bought your squirt gun yet. I usuallly get a machine gun with a handheld if ammo gets low
  14. I never use the atm anymore. but the question is how much money would I save on 1000 dollars exhanged. if I get 1 baht more per dollar...hey that's 1000 baht!
  15. I'm not very smart. if I go to super rich to really save money. I stay in Thailand for mmonths. and usually bring cash over.........its a crapshoot when to exhange the money but i think in general do it in November versus march? in november the rate is better for me?