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  1. <deleted> ? Can't load a photo. Will try again.
  2. As time marches on its now the "new Messi". Dybala at Juve the odds on candidate. Good luck with that, though he is a really nice little footballer.
  3. Crafty devil.
  4. Maybe Miggie will take up the slack. Wenger must be about ready to cash in his chips at this point.
  5. No changes at half. Boggles the mind. Yaya played the first leg. If it ain't broke don't fix it !!!!!!!!
  6. Get Yaya on at half to protect the ball and settle the midfield. Pep's balls to the wall attacking strategy in tatters.
  7. No Falcao. Puts a little crimp in Monaco's attack. Pep with a bombs away 11 as promised.
  8. Buffon says Leicester is the one to avoid.
  9. Congrats on knocking that whining bag of pus out.
  10. MrB-please recheck my score for the past week. Thanks.
  11. A lot of nice subplots. Looking forward to that one.
  12. Referring to Bob's post. Easy enough to follow unless you have a burr up your ass.