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  1. A park would be nice, however it is also a major drop off point for tourists using the jetty and boats to Koh Larn. Where are they supposed to park?
  2. Actually flying doc what is needed is not just neutering but a change in attitude by Thais to be responsible dog owners and not let their dogs roam around in public. Can't see this happening though. Foreigners come to feed dogs at our beach and consequently we constantly have a huge pack of dogs outside our condo hanging around, barking and fouling the footpath. Please if you feed dogs here think about the consequences - you are only there for a few minutes but the residents nearby have to cope with your actions 24/7.
  3. I got Bangkok's oldest taxi from Suvarnabhumi recently. The engine conked out twice on the trip to town, just what you want after a long flight and no sleep. Manic laughter from the driver. Luckily we made it to my destination and I didn't have to get out on the expressway. I'm going back to using a private pick-up service.
  4. Doubling the entry price to 400 Baht is so disgraceful. We paid 200 Baht at Koh Samet on the weekend, they took no notice of work permit. The increased fee is supposedly for "efficient administration of all parks etc etc' - if they couldn't do it properley for 200 Baht per person, how is increasing the fee going to help? It really upsets me that so much entrance money has gone astray, see stories on Koh Samet, and now we are being used to bring in some extra revenue. And over the years so many immoral Thais have benefitted but the nationsl parks have been degraded and infrastructure and msintenance have not been put in place. And who loses actually? The Thai people, because this is their country and their environment and heritage has been wrecked.
  5. I think some posters are very confused about international education in Thailand. There are several extremely good international schools in Thailand which follow the English National curriculum or American system. Most of them are in Bangkok and there are a couple on the Eastern seaboard. Just to give you an example: Bangkok Patana School is a Foundation School which was established over 50 years ago. That means there is no single owner and no-one profits - all money is ploughed back into the school. ISB is the same. These schools employ properley qualified and experienced teachers from abroad, are accredited by several different agencies and have very high academic standards. Graduates regularly gain entry to universities around the world. In the 1990s rules changed in Thailand which resulted in many other international schools being established. Most of these had individual owners and were very definitely for profit. Some had links with recognised schools from abroad. The proportion of Thai students attending increased -one reason being the devaluation of the Baht and parents who would normally send their children overseas looked locally. There are also now a whole lot of schools calling themselves international which are really bilingual schools offering some tuition in English and a sort of hybrid curriculum. They have become very popular and have been chosen by Thai parents who want their children to have opportunities not available at Thai government schools. As a foreign parent you have to very carefully look at these schools and check that what they are teaching your chldren is to a standard comparsble to what they would have in your home country. And that if your children go back, that they will have a recognised certificate so they can easily apply for further education.
  6. Of course those schools are international schools! They provide tuition in English and a curriculum based on the British or American system which will provide students with a recognised 'certificate' or qualifications that enable them to spply for entry to universities around the world.
  7. The motto for this year’s strategy is ‘Conscious, Discipline, Thoughtful: Safe Songkran while pass on the tradition’. More like: Unconscious, undisciplined and no thought whatsoever. I am expecting another unsafe Songkran.