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  1. Thanks ubonjoe! It's actually every 6 weeks, nit 8 weeks, but I guess that still pretty much confirms I'm not working here. This is not the first time I've posted a question here and received a timely and reliable response from you, so for that, many, may thanks. Steve
  2. Hi all, I'm a British national and I've been living in Bangkok for the best part of 10 years. First year WP followed by tourist visas obtained at various consulates. My most recent visa was an METV, and prior to that I did 2 Edu-visas. I have never had a vis exemption entry into Thailand in all this time. I entered today on my last 60 days of my METV. I actually only used a week of my second 60-day, as when the first one expired I flew Phnom Penh for a few days and when I got back I had to fly to Iraq fa week later for 10 days to start a new job. So, this morning I came in in the last METV entry. I will only be here a week as I have to fly out again to Iraq for 6 weeks to work. Basically the job from now on will be a 6-week on/2-week of rotation. I was planning to come back here during 2-week breaks as it's become home now but as in Iraq I am based up in the north in Erbil, there is no Thai consulate there, which means I will have to fly in and get a visa exemption. I know for this I need to show a return ticket to Erbil, which should not be a problem. But even so I'm wondering with my long history of tourist visas if they will allow me into the country, and how many times they will allow me to enter on visa exempt. I think 6 weeks shows that I'm out of the country most of the time so it wont look as though I'm working here but still, with the visa situation becoming increasingly stringent here I just don't know. Can anyone out there shed any light on this? Thanks in advance. Steve
  3. Thanks Sheryl, my friend is sating somewhere he says is called Riverside, but it's a big high-end hotel cause his company is paying. So I was hoping to get some budget place nearby. Even if it's full of dodgy foreigners, I wont worry as I will keep everything with me at all times.
  4. Hi Sheryl, thanks very much. I'm looking to stay at the cheapest place possible but inside town. I don't care how grim it looks/is, I just have to meet someone there. I was planning to book from 14th from Thailand and fly back on 19th. wadddaya think?
  5. Thanks bheard
  6. HI all, can anyone suggest some cheap accommodation in PP. I'm not looking for anything nice, just cheap and relatively clean. I also don't want to stay in a dorm type room with other people. Thanks in advance.
  7. I did, but it costs mote to do that than to just pay the fine at the airport. I think I'm gonna take UJ's advice on this one. Eithet that or just leave on my expiry date and hand out and wait for my friend to turn up in PP. If I can find a cheap guesthouse for 500 baht a night, it will make no difference financially. Thanks for input from all by the way. Steve
  8. what do you mean by "intentional"? You mean the authorities will deem it as such?
  9. Thank you Joe. That has put my mind at rest. Can't believe I was so stupid to mix up the dates.
  10. Thanks fellas. Do you think the 3 day overstay will prevent me getting back in to Thailand via DM or Swampy?
  11. HI all, my first 90 days of METV will expire on 13 February but just stupidly booked my flight to Phenom Penh for the 16th. Will it just be a fine at the airport? BTW, I have a long history of SETVs and double entries in previous passports . In my latest passport I have 2 edu-visas and the METV. Is there any need to worry about getting back in?
  12. Invaded Iraq
  13. The liberal flip flop.... how sad. I'm actually now ashamed of myself for even responding to any of this narrow-minded drivel.
  14. Clinton is a snake, and I'm not a liberal. But it's extremely difficult for Trumpians to grasp anything beyond left/right, liberal conservative. Thinking beyond that makes the brain go tilt. "man of mystery"? Sad.