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  1. If you happen to go Khao Kor way, take her to Story Cup By Coffee Hill and Khao Kor Steak House. Every time we go that way MrsJ is very happy to do both of those places ... steak house first and then coffee at Story Cup.
  2. So I have downloaded the english manual. It appears that all the 'coordinates' that I have on "google maps' will need to be converted from Decimal Degrees (Dd) to Degrees and decimal minutes (DM.m) ... there is a word for this. Can someone confirm that this is the case and that you cannot change the input format. Okay this converter will work but it will take some while ... http://www.directionsmag.com/site/latlong-converter/ Also I can input coordinates and it will GO (I think it will GO, will find out tomorrow) but I cannot work out how to save the coordinates or name them. Is it possible to do this ... if so could someone let me have a step by step idiot guide please as it doesn't appear to tell you how in the manual.... thanks
  3. I believe read somewhere that it is a no no at present ... with luck JoeW will be along and confirm. Phone pairs OK so Mrs J is Happy.
  4. The seatbelt could also say which day in May. You tried this http://www.vindecoder.net/car-brand-manufacturer/suzuki can't check for you as you haven't posted your full VIN. After 2009/10 seems that they maybe changed to a letter for the year. Could that O be a G ... http://www.mycarhelpline.com/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=38&Itemid=91
  5. Get to V Group Honda ChaengWattana for a test drive. They certainly have the non Turbo, Turbo and the RS to test drive. I'll pm you (on its way) our sellers phone number. Their offer is OK but maybe buy at the Motor Show, but from them. However by then there may be quite a waiting list. In their showroom I saw Yoko's on the hatchback and Bridgestones on the RS.
  6. Yes, we prefer the look of the Sedan. Pleased that the guy, who ordered the car that we now have, gave back word and bought the hatchback. Fortunately it was the minor change.. If you haven't yet got your english manual from the dealers google this ... 2016-Honda-Civic-Sedan-Owners-Manual-.pdf 593 pages. It will download to your phone ... eventually.
  7. First thing to do is for your wife to transfer everything that she owns out of her name. Buy the car off her. Just go with her to the LTO and pay the transfer fee. If she ownes a house bit unlucky as the bank will want it eventually. I think ignore all letter and don't admit the debt. Don't let her transfer anything to her family who clearly are totally irresponsible! There have been several topics on debts ... I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction. If she doesn't work another option is for you both to move but don't change her name in the house book. Tough
  8. With Bangkok Bank, if you are retired then no matter how much money you have they will want to lock up money equivalent to your Card Limit. I also have a Preferred Credit Card with CIMB and they haven't locked any money up and I am retired.
  9. Yes and No ... thanks. My wife will register the new car, same as she did the last one. It's very easy to do and I don't see why others don't do it. The required pieces of paper will be ready, from the dealer, within the next two weeks. So can register it any time after then. Honda wanted 4500thb to do the registration. And they are the most expensive Red Plates that we have ever had, 5000thb deposit, of course returned when we return them back to the dealer. This time am determined to avoid even one fine for forgetting to complete the Brown Book. Last time just one fine ... 200thb... from a smiley smiley Mr BIB
  10. I want to move a number plate from a car we own to another car that we own that is on a red plate. It appears that this is not possible. Apparently the car on the red plate need to be registered and allocated a number plate first and then do a swap. Does anyone know if this is correct please. YES of course it is a 'lucky' number on the plate!!. If we have to wait for that number to be available again at the LTO it could be many months which is basically a no no.
  11. Sorry .. I thought that you had a fleet of these 30,000thb bangers ...☺
  12. It's been offered at 999,000thb for the past two months ...so that price is nothing new.
  13. Yes ... for the hatchback they have dropped off the Cosmic Blue Metallic which was offered on the RS and replaced it with Midnight Burgundy Pearl.
  14. The minor change is already out ... so I understand. Mrs J is just collecting her car now. Will be non too happy if something else is announced next week ....
  15. Those are the cheapo colours ...blacks and whites cost more😞. You may wait a few years ...series ten is only one year old.☺