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  1. Yes, if you received a grilling, it would be important to know more details of your experience. I have not had any problems (yet) going through with my farang family. Most of the time we use the priority lanes and perhaps they are less likely to 'harass' people who may (or may not) be perceived as hi-so. I have no idea whether or not the priority lane would make a difference, it is just an educated guess given how the Thai system operates.
  2. For those who say the tourist visa is not for those staying in Thailand at their own purchased condo, the following is on the visa application from the Thai Consulate Brisbane: } TOURIST (stay up to 60 days per entry) Single entry (AUD$45) Multiple entry (AUD$225) For holiday purposes including Property-owning, Non-Educational (such as Boxing,Cooking,Scuba Diving,Yoga,Massage,Culture Learning,etc) } Note: Tourist visa can be extended only once up to 30 days in Thailand Property owners used to be able to get Non-O's before the crackdown-at least in the USA and Australia.
  3. What is with the 'farang seethi' line? Are you Indian? Anyway these sort of comments generally mean there is more to the story.
  4. Is it not possible to get the money from an ATM and then go through immigration again? Different officer, different result maybe? I would offered the immigration officer 1000baht for 'someone' to accompany you to the ATM in arrivals and then back to his desk. Surely something like this could be arranged.
  5. What is the last day before the festivities start to get out of Pattaya and avoid traffic to Suvarnabhumi? Would April 13th be too late? I don't want issues with getting taxis, etc once the crowds build.
  6. So is the current consensus NOT to self report on a TM30 when staying in ones own condo in Jomtien? What about the condo management, do they report an owners arrival? I always thought the address you put down on the arrival card at the airport was used for the first place of residence-I am now confused.
  7. We purchased one from Chic Republic. The quality was fairly good, better than some of the other places mentioned.
  8. Thank you for the clarification. For the last two years we have been getting Non-O multi's based on investment-apparently in error and the Washington DC embassy has now said they were "illegal." Even though Washington approved the visas at the time...go figure. We will now try and do a change of status as you suggested at the local immigration office. Thank you again for your advice.
  9. Ubonjoe, Do you need a specific visa to apply for an extension of stay based upon investment? I assume you are talking about an extension of stay applied for in Thailand. We are currently getting the runaround with Washington DC re. our visas and are looking for a different option. Our condo was purchased for close to 10 million, so we could add money to our bank account if necessary. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  10. Thank you Elviajero for the clarification. So when the time comes, we apply for a single entry Non Imm O and then apply in Thailand for the extension of stay based on retirement. That makes more sense and it is good to know that the family can piggy back on my permission. Now I just need to wait until I turn 50!
  11. As I understand, once I turn 50 I can apply for a retirement visa (800K in the bank, etc, etc). What about my wife and daughter (both non-Thai) who will be under 50? Can I get the same type of visa for them as dependents or will the Thai authorities require tourist visas and/or some other category? My wife turns 50 about 11 months later, so I am trying to figure out the best options for all of us. Thanks.
  12. It definitely true for the USA. I have called around and there are also messages posted on some of the hon consulate websites. I have also heard this is true for Australia.
  13. New Orleans is now out. According to their office no Honorary Consulate is allowed to issue Non-Imm multis or METVs now. Everything has to go through Washington DC.
  14. I am a little confused by Thai Elites website. If I want a Five year visa for myself, my wife and one daughter (3 people total) what is the cheapest option and what would be the total price? Thank you in advance.
  15. The price for removal of a polyp is insane at Bangkok Pattaya, and is probably more than what is charged in the States. This seems to be a trend with the hospitals that I have contacted; offer a reasonable price and then add excessive fees in the fine print for polypectomy and pathology. It really is not a "package" if the final price is going to be 3-? times the initial package fee. Like you mentioned, how will the patient really know if you do not trust the hospital to be honest...