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  1. Rode my cow to day; attended the Enduro Rally at KMK with 200+ other riders. Mostly Thai but met 2 Belgins, a Sweed, & a Brazilian guy. Everyone was super friendly. papa the oldest. Thought the ride would be 25Km but turnout to be 43Km. Kicked papa’s ass big time. About 1/3of the tracks were new to me. Very hot. Fell thrice and had to stop a few times to rest. Expect [more] soreness 2mor. Massage sounding good.
  2. Just give resident certificate to dealer. They do all else for you.
  3. Question: When you say a bike is "sexy" what does that mean? I've wonder for many years. How can a machine be object of sexual interest/arousal...? Thanks.
  4. Ebay papa buys loads of bike stuff off EBay. Delivered to my door. Miraculous.
  5. Take lease agreement [& passport sized photos] to Immigration for Residency Certificate then off to Land Transport Office with seller, greenback in-hand & passport & seller's Thai IDs.
  6. If a rigid projection is fitted to helmet, e.g., camera/mount, All certification is void. I infer from watching Colton Haaker [2016 & now 2017 Super Enduro Winner] vids on YouTube that FIM disallows helmet-mounted camera in competition. 8-) :-) (-8
  7. papa: March 26 is Sunday, not Saturday, you senile old coot.
  8. Can take ur bike on boat for a fee, but better to rent a Click in the island.
  9. Khao Mai Kaeo reserve is set to have a trail bike rally Saturday, March 26, 0800ish. Be advised, that the my source, the organiser, is a Thai man with limited English, and papa limited Thai. This is not a race , rather a fun riding, all ages [6 to 68 confirmed] papa will have the Climber and Lifan200X there. Anyone who would care to test ride those the bikes, may. Be mo better to PM if interested , or.... 8-)
  10. Internal dark visor should come down near nose. Give it a tug, or rotate whole helmet forward.
  11. 1. Why? 2. Tickets at gate for great seats in both grandstands. But if you really like whining about things & inventing problems, sure, !! WHAT A NIGHTMARE !!. Sheesh.
  12. No track in Thailand conforms to F1requirements, including Buriram. Agree on dullness. Some races no car passes another.
  13. 1. If you never rode the NMax, how you know it's better and 2 then why you buy poor bang-for -buck PCX.?
  14. Why you quest this?