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  1. I did exactly this yesterday in Jomtien. Submitted the TM30 after reentering Thailand after a 6 week trip. I'm on a Retirement Extension, and there was no check if I had submitted the form after my other entries and no fine. It sure is interesting to now have to report the same address first at the airport then next day at your local office.
  2. I finally did the TM30 chore for the first time yesterday at Jomtien. I'm on a Retirement Extension but travel in and out of Thailand regularly. I seemed to have avoided a fine by submitting the form after my latest arrival. I suspect if I hadn't left the country before submitting the form, they would have checked back to my previous entry and fined me accordingly. Of the six or seven Russians ahead of me in line, I say only one paying a four hundred Baht fine. Paperwork-wise, I just used the Immigration SOP - got signed copies of house book, lease, house owner's id, lease holder's id, and the regular pp pages. And keep your sense of humour. All to report the same address I reported the day before at the airport.
  3. How about Koh Samet?
  4. At least it didn't crash.
  5. Hey Taichiplanet, I zip around those roads on my MT-03 too. Best I've found in the area. That 331 was really a death road when they had both directions running on 1/2 the divided highway though. Absolutely love the MT-03. Excellent in city traffic and so easy to throw around in the twisties. Not big enough for extended highway trips though.
  6. Mr. Monk is a good man. Please do not abuse him.
  7. Red = evil. Blue = don't even mention it.
  8. Uh oh. I suggest you Google "Jelly doughnut misconception" .