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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't understand this story?
  2. Cheap, easy, and they mail where you ask.
  3. I don't like the obsession with whiteness-- which is ironic because I am a caucasian who benefits from it, unfairly, in a thousand ways large and small. In Thai culture, the love of whiteness shows up in ideals of beauty but isn't a barrier to other kinds of success. Look at all the dark old dirty dog politicians. Where I come from, whiteness isn't required for beauty, arts, and entertainment, but unfortunately, it helps with everything else.
  4. I guess the pertinent question is who wanted to expose the bribe at this moment, and to what end?
  5. OK, MDC? USA? CM? OMG! <deleted>! YOLO.
  6. Thailand is always expecting a windfall.
  7. Injury is one thing, offense another. If you have been injured by, for example, his misapplication of law or regulation, then you might seek redress, such as a second chance to submit an application or refund of a fee. But if you are not injured, but merely insulted, then don't expect much of a hearing.
  8. Good question, maybe it just suffers by association.
  9. I don't care if he qualifies for the title Swedish, but he definitely doesn't qualify for the title con man.
  10. I think the purpose of promoting biochar is to improve existing soil, and so reduce or delay the need to clear new land. Rice-hull biochar is a good amendment to clay soil. Mae Chaem is a sensible place to start because the bwak'nyaw in those hills are fairly well organized and educated, and some past conservation work has gone well. It's easy to criticize based on a half-literate Nation article-- written, edited, published, and reprinted here without journalistic standards or principles-- and our own worst suspicions, but that seems an incomplete way to draw conclusions. Unfortunately, the article is written to emphasize the online fundraising rather than a clear explication of the effort.
  11. There are three Sarasins in the world: a Swiss bank, a Canadian heavy metal band, and these folks https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarasin_family
  12. Is it near the murder house and haunted bowling alley?
  13. You're going to get a ton of propositions, some of them decent.