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  1. Good to read that nobody was trapped or injured. I hope that the damage and smoke was contained and that the IT Center at the other end of the complex is unaffected. I truly hate everything about Pantip.
  2. Yes indeed- but you fail to notice that nobody gave him a sufficient answer to the question. I knew that Crossy and / or the others here would provide the expertise in a sensible way.
  3. Outstanding. Much obliged for the info.
  4. I just purchased something called a Skybell and I am trying to get it wired up. Looking for Crossy or one of the other electrically savvy people to help me out. The specification calls for a 12vdc 10va transformer. I understand about the 10 ohm / 10 watt resistor, and have it already. My question is this: Is there a specific 12vdc 10va adapter I need to look for, or can I use a generic 12vdc adapter, and then the required in-line 10ohm resistor is what takes it down to 10va? How many amps should the transformer be? surely not 10 amps? Thanks in advance.
  5. Futrakul was transferred to head a bureau dealing with sexually-transmitted diseases Is that a subtle way of telling him that his career is <deleted>?
  6. A friend who has just bought a condo in Pattaya has a problem. Three HDMI cables have been run through conduit in the walls. Unfortunately we suspect that they have been damaged by the contractors who installed them when they pulled them through the conduit because they will not carry any signal. Can anyone recommend a shop / technician in Pattaya who could help to test these cables, and replace the connectors on the ends of the cables if it is required?
  7. Thanks Crossy. Soi Thip Wari was the perfect solution. I just returned from there, and found everything I needed withing about 20 steps from the entrance to the Soi. Interesting place - I would imaging that you can find absolutely anything electronic related there. I spent a lot more and came home with many more toys than I anticipated! Once again, much obliged! So- my question is asked and answered. You can close this topic.
  8. Anybody know a good shop or location in Bangkok to buy LED supplies and equipment? I'm desperately trying to find these: Pigtail connectors for RGB LED rope. If anyone knows where to get them in BKK (Or Pattaya - will be there over the weekend) - I would be grateful for any help / advice!
  9. Mr Enrique is no gentleman- made the woman carry the heavier weight!
  10. Tourists should not leave their brain at the airport.
  11. Whose brilliant idea was it to open the gates and discharge all this water? Dam them! Was it really necessary? Was the dam about to overflow?
  12. Actually, it could have been this - giving 5 year visas to foreigners, which could be perceived as a threat to national security by the boys in green and requiring immediate censorship under article 44.
  13. I got rid of it for this exact reason. All she ever watches is goofy lakorns on channel 3 - free to air. The cable box would go months without being turned on. I was throwing away money every month, and no programming that I really wanted to watch. And since her domination of the television is absolute, I find myself in the man-cave watching Youtube and Netflix. Suits me just fine.
  14. The article in the OP says that Ekkamai will be one of the three terminals. What a stupid half baked idea that is. Ekkamai is already congested enough, and there is no close access to expressway. Victory monument has good ingress and egress from the expressway in addition to connection to the skytrain and just about every city bus route.