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  1. This post is useful to highlight the push by Bangkok Bank to issue Union Pay but as previously posted I received the Visa debit card which I registered with "Verified by Visa" and have successfully purchased flights online.
  2. My request for a visa debit card was accepted last Friday. Before going to the bank I checked what I wanted from their website. Yes they did try to push the Union card on me but I smiled and shook my head and requested the visa version as per their website. If they refused i would have gone elsewhere.
  3. They haven't stopped issuing visa debit cards, maybe making it harder so demand one or take your custom to another bank or just try another branch if it's an account opening.
  4. I see you started another post, if you see my comment a few posts back you will note that my Kasikorn branch were not helpful so I tried a Bangkok Bank branch who were very helpful. The truth is that it depends on the attitude of the branch staff and not necessarily which Bank.
  5. ^ Opened my Bangkok Bank account last Friday and told to come back this Friday for my Visa debit card as they need to produce a card with your name on it. Checked online banking and the card details are already set up showing the current transaction limit that can be changed if need be.
  6. I received my new Halifax credit card yesterday, They sent me a letter explaining that they will only send with DHL at a cost £7.xx. All i had to do was call them and accept the charge. The hardest part was remembering the security questions.I have also recently applied for a new account at Bangkok Bank and requested the Be 1st Smart Visa debit card firstly turning down their offer of the useless Union variety. I am ditching Kasikorn as my branch wouldn't give me a usable debit card instead of their pretend one with your name as"privileged member". Their K-Web virtual card was good for online purchases at Lazada, eBay etc. Going back to the OP question, yes you will need help as a debit card in Thailand doesn't always mean you can use it as a debit card!
  7. Now back at the village home, I shouldn't do this as it my be construed as rubbing it in but it shows what TOT Winet is capable of if everything is working at its optimum. result to Sydney.
  8. I've never really checked but I use it mainly for streaming weekends only as we have a second house in Buriram city during the week.
  9. Yes, my Winet has been relatively good for me but I am also lucky that 3BB VDSL is now available as a backup should things deteriorate. I guess TOT will not be top of your list for ISP at a city house.
  10. You have a right to be p'd off but without an alternative you're kind of stuffed and you don't need me telling you that. I suspect the issue is a big one and TOT has filed it into the "too difficult to do" drawer or it will cost them a lot of money to sort out. I think I can see why the other chap gave up. Best of luck anyway.
  11. So his don't work and yours don't work would indicate a problem at the tower or beyond? I did read your post but it wasn't clear if his problem was ongoing but as you said he has given up.
  12. You need a TOT engineer to attend, we kept the number of our installer just in case any issues arise as TOT customer service is not always the best . An offer of "petrol money" usually gets a visit.
  13. I have Winet at my village home between Buriram & Krasang 6km to the tower with a consistent 10/1 8ms to Bangkok. I found the Winet router password by googling and it incorporates your service number. I'm no expert but someone might be able to help you understand readings if you gain access to the router but be careful not to change any settings. I will be back tomorrow evening and can let you know what your login details might be. Edit: is the other guy now on the same tower and does he have the same problem?
  14. Is your "line of sight" still OK, intermittent obstruction? Also is there an alternative tower?