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  1. If you have the invitation letter for Vietnam (and it's legit; there are some online frauds for those), you should be good to go. There'll be an application form to be submitted along with the letter on arrival: it should have accompanied the letter when you rcvd that, but they're available when you arrive. I read somewhere Vietnam was going to initiate an online e-visa thing, but I'm pretty sure that's not off the ground yet.
  2. One of the most ridiculous, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky, out-of-touch posts I've ever seen on TV. 'Typical do-gooder rationalization. Learn to think things through.
  3. "Command-at-sea" being more a term of art here... I totally agree that actual underway time will likely be limited. Still, there are plenty of opportunities for raising cash from new & increased taxes, as I've previously mentioned. ... everything from VAT to seatbelt fines. And foreigners can ALWAYS be squeezed for more ... until they get fed up and start going somewhere else with a less exploitational and less xenophobic environment.
  4. What in the world does Australia have to do with anything? It's as maritime a nation as any on the planet ... which Thailand is decidedly not. Regimes mature and start running short on favors to hand out. These subs afford some all new senior command-at-sea opportunities (aka sinecures) for loyal supporters on the navy side.
  5. The typical outcome to this kind of situation that all but the scaremongers here were predicting. Am glad, but not surprised it worked out for you.
  6. Oh, so the mines were all planted by the U.S. Lol. 'Talk about fake news...
  7. That's what sub-pay's for. Crank it up a bit and problem solved. OTOH, Thailand couldn't enlist enough qualified crew to man & maintain 3 subs if they offered admirals' salaries, and would have to hire Disney to gin up halfway worthwhile tasking scenarios. Comparing Thailand's and Australia's naval requirements is ludicrous.
  8. Pattaya City Hall is too busy concerning itself with what naughty adults are up to. Hanky-panky, bridge-playing ... you know, all the really bad stuff.
  9. Verizon's phones aren't locked (or at least their iphones aren't). Not sure about T-Mobile and the others. But it is a question you want to ask before signing up.
  10. 'Sounds more like an 'ad' than news. I fly CP regularly back & forth to the states, and the oceanic flights are always packed despite the competition with china east/south/-, and quite often overbooked even.
  11. 'One born every minute... 'Soon to swell the ranks of the over-invested apologist brigade hereabouts...
  12. I have an iphone purchased through Verizon. Here in Thailand I just pull out the Verizon sim and put in a DTAC sim. 'Works fine.
  13. Be careful what you wish for. Do you really want to see them? Thailand is probably better off just sending the money to China without trying to actually operate or take possession of the things... What did you THINK the new higher taxes on alcohol were for, anyway? If it's not enough, they'll just add a new surcharge onto plane tickets (for "medical insurance" or "enhanced security" or whatever).
  14. Not much better than a paying squatter then. Less with this latest brainstorm than meets the eye. Thanks, but no thanks. But I'm biased. Not a whole lot I'd pay to own here, anywhere near the asking price, even if I could.
  15. What part of CREDIT card don't thais understand? If they're fencing off some portion of an existing cash asset, then they're NOT extending "credit". Yeap. TIT alright.