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  1. Thai consumer protection.
  2. Sounds good to me, as does the 240% parking.
  3. That seems very high, even for 5 years of fees. I would have expected a maximum of 40kB for 5 years.
  4. Only for a very limited range of issues, and even then in my experience they generally dont want to know. Without knowing exactly what problem the OP is experiencing it is impossible to suggest somewhere to complain to. The original description (big problems) is ridiculously vague. Is it noisy neighbours, water leaks from above, a broken water heater, stray dogs in the car park, money missing from accounts, non-respect of condo law? The possibilities are endless.
  5. It was also mentioned that there are a total of 576 units in the building. If one assumes that all have the same voting rights (probably not a valid assumption) then the 138 units to be sold represent about 23% of the total, and all are in Thai name. So by the same dodgy assumption we can suppose that a maximum of about 85 units could be put into farang name, leaving about 50 or so to be sold to Thais or companies.
  6. Bank foreclosure, I expect. Or a court order liquidating assets for creditors.
  7. Earlier in the thread it was mentioned that the current ratio is thought to be around 65/35. So there should be scope for around 15% more of the total building to be put into farang name.
  8. I think that's already part of the condo act. The problem is that if the JPM/committee is in the pocket of one or more co-owners then the terms of the condo act, or the building internal regs, may be ignored if they are detrimental to the interests of those co-owners. And in my experience the Land Office will not want to help, meaning that the only recourse is for concerned co-owners to employ a lawyer at their own expense and without the backing of the entire juristic person.
  9. As far as I know the 138 units were owned by one person who used the power those votes gave him to manipulate the committee and management into doing what he wanted. I seem to remember reading about it on here a year or so ago. The common fee was not paid on those units, hence the outstanding debts. I think that the naughtiness there is drawing to a close and apart from needing to be aware that there are outstanding fees to be paid, and possibly renovation work to be done, I see no obvious legal drawbacks to the purchases. I'm sure that a lawyer would be happy to take money to confirm that. As I mentioned, if I was a farang co-owner in that building I would be keen to see as many of those 138 units as possible bought by individual farangs. That would be to my benefit and to that of the building and other co-owners also. So in that respect the OP is doing exactly what I would do. He sounds like the sort of person I would like to share ownership of a building with. As an aside, I think that there should be a law prohibiting any one person or group from owning more than a very small percentage of any condo building. The condo act already prohibits any one co-owner from using more than 50% of the total votes present at a GM, but that number should be reduced significantly.
  10. Wanna buy the Golden Gate bridge? I can do you a special price.
  11. All people involved with real estate business here seem to lie constantly, regardless of their skin colour. Vendors, agents, developers: they are all the same. I dont think that I have ever met an honest one. It's just lies, lies and more lies.
  12. I had a look at the Base a week or two after the launch and was told then that it was sold out. I wondered at the time how many people would still be in after the time came to pay real money. I seem to remember that Thais only had to stump up 5,000B initially. Given the location it was obviously going to be in some demand, though the units certainly are not to my taste.
  13. It's been unofficially open for a few weeks.
  14. Or maybe you just have a foreign credit card and dont use Thai banks.
  15. What problems?