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  1. If you cross Pattaya Glang from the Soi Buakhao Junction, and walk a little right, you will come across 2 new Japanese places, the smaller one of the two looks more interesting. And a new Vietnamese Restaurant, that looks interesting, as it is a Pho type place.
  2. Seen plenty of Big Guys at games wearing this years shirt, so they are available. There is a friendly game against Port FC at Dolphin Stadium on Sunday at 6pm, so if you head out there, they will be on sale then. There is rumours of a Pattaya United shop opening in Central Festival, but for the moment the only place I know where you can buy them is at games.
  3. Try and keep up eh? ....... 3 named Retox Venues !
  4. Naklua is more than 5 minutes away from Pattaya. or do you mean Wong Amart ?
  5. Opens today at Midday.
  6. You want to eat in a restaurant (or shop) that is in an underground car park ? I remember when they put shops in the basement of Mike Shopping Mall, and it failed due to exhaust fumes.
  7. A squirrel is getting the blame ..... no, seriously it is.
  8. Never understood this idea that New Plaza is cheap. Alcohol/Beer (if that is what we are talking about) is cheaper in other areas , like in Soi 7 itself for starters.
  9. Daily Occurrence ...... at the moment.
  10. After all these years of thinking it was ThAppraya, I now notice from these signs that it is spelt with sara e (เ) Oh well, every day is a school day.
  11. No, there have been plenty of concerts since then. The budget was reduced to ten million baht, which is way down on past budgets, so the plug was pulled. Just one of the numerous annual events that Pattaya used to put on, before the Junta decided they were no longer worthy of support.
  12. No, I think 'Sue Sarn' means Cemetery.
  13. Thanks, makes sense.