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  1. Actually the white line on the left that leaves a small area often used by motorcycles is not actually a real lane. It's meant for pulling over to park in etc. Not meant for driving. So when you are driving your motorcycle and the cars behind you start to honk and force you out into that area,, you are actually now being forced to commit a traffic violation .... the whole traffic situation in thailand is so fubar that I honestly could make the case that the leadership of traffic police who is I think responsible for this mess deserves the death penalty.
  2. I can understand stress, but people are switching lanes all the time just to save 1 second or 2... let's say i'm in the right lane because I need to u-turn (yes the u-turns are insane),, im signaling right. im not driving super fast because I need to pull out onto the u-turn-thingie... now the idiot behind me,, instead of waiting 2-3 seconds until i pull right into the u-turn thing, he decides that he can't wait any longer and decides to suddenly undertake me, thus jeopardizing everybody.. Just look at every violation that you see on the roads (i see tens if not hundreds every time i drive) and ask yourself if impatience could be the reason behind,,, you will start to see the pattern..
  3. Impatience is the underlying root cause for 99% of the accidents.
  4. How exactly are they "forcing" you to weave around them? Impatience is the underlying cause for all the problems on the road, like speeding, dangerous takeovers etc.
  5. Yes, they would have to go after the companies that own the minivans and give them huge fines if even a single of their vans is not up to par... Sadly we know this enforcement will never happen.. and the companies will not take it upon themselves to fix it.. in fact, it's those companies that are now complaining about paying to install seat belts...
  6. His excuses are extremely nice as well, "sorry i cant come to the hearing because i have the flu .. " the FLU??? They should execute all the officials involved in this case that has allowed this shit to go like this.,..
  7. You are directing your disgust at the wrong people. It's clearly the van owners (transportation companies) that are too cheap to buy seat belts. (Also they are the ones that set the time schedules that promote the reckless driving)
  8. Very misleading title. It's obviously not the van drivers that are complaining. It's the van owners that are too cheap to buy seat belts for the vans. The same van owners that pressure their drivers into driving like crazy.
  9. Maybe you're right. Different reports say different things. Cnbc reports he faces deadly hit and run, 6month max. Expires in september. more serious charge of deadly hit-and-run, which police say carries a maximum six-month sentence, expires in September. Cnbc also say he faces: reckless driving that caused death. Expires in 10 years. Several other reports say the same.
  10. All the reports have almost the same identical texts with slight variations. Most of them say he is facing charges for reckless driving causing death, 6 months maximum sentence.
  11. Vorayuth has missed several prosecutor orders to report to court on charges of speeding, hit-and-run, and reckless driving that caused death. They are waiting for him to show up so that they can officially read the charges to him. One of which is reckless driving causing death. They are trying to indict him, but scheduling issues and the flu seem to come in the way. Unfortunate. I will make a note to fake the flu next time i kill a cop.
  12. I read the reports now, it's true that the family has given up their right to press charges. But the reports say that those rights are only meant for if the police or justice system do not press charges. And in this case no charges have been dropped, so they have summoned him for Thursday. " Vorayuth's attorney met with Wichean's family, who accepted a settlement of about $100,000. In turn, they were required to sign a document promising not to press criminal charges, eliminating Thailand's legal option for victims to take suspects to court if police and prosecutors don't take action " just because the family has given up their right does not mean that police and prosecutors should drop the charges. Ofcourse they will, but thats unjust.
  13. That does not sound right. I could be wrong, but I think the state must press charges in a case like this, with or without the familys blessings. The reason is that society needs to be protected against guys like this, even if the family has forgiven him the rest of society deserves protection. If you are correct then thai justice system is even more broken than i thought. Basically it opens for situations where the family can arrange for a third party to kill a family member and if the third party murderer is caught he does not need to worry as long as the family doesnt press charges and thus he will not be pressured into giving up the family as the ones ordering the hit. From my understanding what actually happend was that the case expired. Due to, you know..."scheduling problems"
  14. Did you read the article? It said that social media groups that follow him has hundreds of thousands of followers. Meaning thai people are interested. This is why we heard about it now.
  15. Not sure if the smuggling increase already happening. But it will surely happen once there's a big tax increase. 100% predictable. Happened in sweden too back in the 90s when they made a big tax increase on cigarettes. All of a sudden every little mom&pop store had smuggled cigarettes.