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  1. they had an high voltage moment together... RIP, but a surprise
  2. Give the tourist what they are looking for: A nice Restaurant on the beach - and they might come back, even to Bang Tao
  3. Patong Tuk Tuk Club President: This sounds like a position in direct line with Don Vito Corleone
  4. and what about 5 people on a scoopy, none of them with a helmet and 2 kids standing straight up on the bench ? Fine or not fine ?!?
  5. Wrote too many bad comments on TripAdvisor....
  6. Aren't they also known for having the 2nd shortest Willies in the world, right after the Indians ?
  7. And well knows local cop killers they easily let escape to S'pore Double standards also here...
  8. Wonder if the Phuket Tuk Tuk Mafiassociation also shows here wares and rates... ?
  9. This is why the ( remaining ) tourist come to Phuket. Dining and service ON the beach. Is it so hard to understand ??
  10. They have time till August to rebuild it. Hurry up, guys !! I wanna sip my Singha and listen to the music again
  11. They try hard to stone age