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  1. Maybe this is nuts, but how about silver / gold / platinum health coverages? In other words, a person/family can opt for basic care and pay a lower amount .....or medium care and pay more, .....or high quality, with all the whistles and bells, and pay higher. To give a comparison of health care costs: tuktuktuk mentioned above that a fractured lower arm costs an injured American $150k. Four years ago, I had an accident where I fractured both wrists and broke a heel bone. At a Thai hospital (not the cheapest one in town) my repair cost was Bt.160k. That's about 30 times cheaper than the US.
  2. Thatcher, the Pewter Lady, who let Hong Kong go to the Chinese, when she could have hung tough and let it become independent like Singapore.
  3. We probably agree on nearly everything in this topic. However, I think there needs to be a blanket statement by all countries, particularly those that have or are trying to get nukes. Maybe it's naive to have them sign a treaty to ban nukes (for the reasons you mentioned) but it's a big step. It's like signing a treaty saying "We will imprison men who beat or rape their wives." Sure, just making that statement doesn't stop wife-beating/raping, but it's a big first step. After signing the nuke ban treaty, then interested parties can commence the long slog in trying to implement it. Mustard gas was banned, and the ban stuck rather well - for 97 years and counting. When a few people first proposed eradicating smallpox worldwide, there were scores of people who said that was impossible. It's been achieved, and the world is close to eliminating polio also. Big goals are not easy to achieve. But nothing's going to happen if the first steps aren't taken. I'm profoundly disappointed with the US, Britain, France, Russia and other 'leaders' who dropped the ball on the nuke ban. It shows their weak-mindedness, among other low qualities.
  4. It's like going to biker festival and trying to get all the participants to sign a pledge saying, "I will not kill people." It would be difficult, at best, because bikers spend all their lives building self-images of being tough guys and using weapons (knives, guns, fists) to shellac that image. The US, Britain and others are of the same biker mentality in regard to banning nukes - except those countries are more articulate than bikers and, like Kellyanne Conway, are able to dance around issues using sophisticated sentence structures. At least N.Korea is being honest about nukes. They want more of them, and relish an excuse to use them.
  5. There's an interesting side issue of official Trump spokespeople: Kellyanne Conway is being seen less often. Some media venues won't even have her on any more because she's such a shyster. Young man Miller was spokesperson for a half day, but made such an ass of himself ("the president is 100% right, and won't be questioned on this.") that Trump is keeping him on a short leash in the Oval Office. Sean Spicer has such a dearth of credibility that he even snickers at his own statements. What a great crew. Let's not forget one of Trump's golden statements, "I pick the best people." Or, another: "I'm like a really smart person."
  6. Yea, the plot thickens. Will pretty-boy Kushner be the first to sing? Even if Kushner tells all he knows, there is still a lot he doesn't know - which we'll have to wait for Manafort, Trump and Flynn to fill in the blanks, if they every do. Kushner will try to charm the committee. It will work with Republicans, who will be licking his shoes (Like Ted Cruz smiling non-stop for the Supreme Court nominee), but it won't work as well with Dems. Kushner may also keep saying "I don't know" "I can't recall" or "I invoke the 5th Amendment" Trump has done during several court cases where he was a defendant. Trump invoked the 5th Amendment (against self-incrimination) 99 times in a court case when he was a defendant. The bigger fireworks will come when Manafort and Flynn are being grilled, assuming Republicans aren't chairing the investigative committees. If Republicans are in charge, then it will be as sugar-coated as they can make it.
  7. The US, Britain and other nuke powers are acting like conniving defense lawyers - in order to maintain and add-to their nuke arsenals. Their trickery is plain as day. The world needs a complete ban on Nukes, like it has a ban on land mines and mustard gas. Of course we all know a ban doesn't = a complete dearth of those weapons, but it sets the ground rules. Once the rules are in place, then it's a matter of enforcing them.
  8. Weren't you a Trump fan, earlier on?
  9. If (House intelligence chief) Nunes recuses himself - it won't be enough. It's alleged he's in bed with Flynn, Trump and others being investigated. At the least, Ryan should boot Nunes off the committee and allow Schiff to become its chairman. Schiff is apprised of what's going on and is a decent and fair-minded investigator. Better than all that, would be an independent investigation, separate from Congress and the FBI, because even the FBI is subjective - as proven when Comey broke precedence (and acted unprofessionally and unethically) to hobble HRC's chances, 9 days before Nov' election. Which one of Trump's many Russian-loving cronies will sing first? It's known that, in a big investigation, the first insiders to tell the truth - wind up getting lighter sentences. Note: prez Bush's former ethics lawyer has been writing articles about this stuff recently, and uses the word TREASON numerous times. That's a strong word, and it's getting used more often, all around D.C. as each day oozes by.
  10. Most of east central Africa is hellish. Mass rapes (all attractive women in entire villages) are not uncommon. Murder is common. And yes, it's one of the most under-reported regions of the world.
  11. No fair saying " one cared." For at least 20 months, a multitude of anti-Trump voices have been making noises here on T.Visa and many other venues. During all that time, Trumpsters had their heads stuck in the sand, saying things like, "we need change" "Trump is from outside the beltway" "Trump is a great businessman and deal-maker" "Trump is smart." Now, all but the most die-hard redneck Trump fans are seeing the light, that Trump has been a failing businessman, he's not smart, he hired very rich, corrupt and highly inept people, on and on. J.Edgar Hoover would probably not be good to lead an investigation. It's likely, because he's a hard core conservative, that he would side with Trump's people. Hoover was also a dirty player. For example; he dug dirt on Martin Luther King in order to try and shut him down. It didn't work. I think we need a smart fearless person like young versions of Ralph Nader or Carl Bernstein to find out what really went on between Trumpsters and Russians and Turks, and whomever else. Hoover would be like Nunes, .....running to the Oval Office every day to try and shield Trumpsters as much as possible.
  12. It appears that Nunes was present at a clandestine meeting with Flynn and other shady characters. The meeting was to arrange a kidnapping of a Turk who has a Green Card. Turkey's Erdogan conspired with Flynn to have the Turk forcefully returned to Turkey. Flynn was/is a paid agent of Turkey's. If Nunes was at the meeting, he should immediately recuse himself from any Trump campaign investigation, because Flynn was embedded in the campaign. I predict calls for Nunes to recuse or resign will be part of next week's headlines. Nunes is also under a cloud for other reasons, not least; illegally running to Trump with news that he (Nunes) didn't even share with fellow committee members, as he's obliged to do.
  13. Probably deforestation a large factor. Sad for the youngsters - what a frightening way to go.
  14. What costs 120 billion Euro? ....the governmental apparatus in Brussels? I'm asking that sincerely. Overall, I think EU is a good thing. I recommend they keep Turkey out, as Turkey is culturally closer to the M.East, as much as it would like to be considered European. With Turkey as a member, it would serve as a sieve, with easy access into Turkey by Middle Easterners, who would thereby migrate northwest by the millions. The migration problems we're seeing now would increase ten-fold.
  15. What will be in Trump's upcoming tweets? The mind reels. He's actually aiding investigations. Case in point: when he complained about Obama tapping his wires (note: it was a 'person to person' accusation, not 'entity to entity', as reported in the media) - Trump thereby alerted FBI and others to look more closely at clandestine activity. More recently, Trump tweeted that everyone should watch a specific Fox 'newscast.' In that 'newscast, a female reporter lambasted Ryan. Conclusion: Trump directed everyone to listen to a woman declaring something Trump was too chicken-shit to say.