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  1. Thx, I hear you, (usually get fast track at Suvanrabhumi as a frequent flyer so not really an issue to me personally). But I like the change of scenery and the quicker car ride to/from Utapao. Out of interest, any idea on how long before the new terminal opens? I'd like to use it more often,
  2. Same can be said for democratically elected governments relationship with the police, its been a little lop sided at times.
  3. Where did you go? I love to use Utapao if I can but if flying international, immigration can be a complete nightmare, last time there were only 3 desks servicing a flight from KL and another from china at the same time.
  4. Big country mate, shame you are judging it on 3 sois of beer bar girls and their customers.
  5. so slow this morning, to the point unusable. Dont spend so much time on here these days, ridiculous over-advertising.
  6. Grab bike was great, far superior to the win guys, didn't take long to close it down.
  7. All depends what your expectations for a beach in the middle of an ever expanding city are, pristine snorkeling its not, but generally its fine, very popular for beach volley ball. I'd hazard a guess that some of the posters have not been there in years, just use the thread as somewhere else to moan about something.
  8. No not 'sweep up' in that context, but pick up a few pieces of garbage if there are any in the area, no different from many other beaches.
  9. Guess I'm crazy, where do you live?
  10. I pop down there a lot over the last few years, a couple of times a week and in all fairness never seen any sludge. There is garbage that gets washed up/left behind but a quick sweep of the area to sit doesn't take long. For a beach in the centre of the city its usually not that bad.
  11. As the break up of the union would effect everyone in it, everyone in the UK should be allowed to vote.....
  12. Another 'uninspiring' article from 'Inspire' - looking forward to next weeks blockbuster titled 'is it hot in Thailand?'
  13. No idea, the question is about Hua Hin, Top tip, don't try to be clever and funny unless you actually are, off you go...........trot on.