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  1. That's all good to hear. Thank you Ubonjoe.
  2. Following my application for extension of stay based on retirement, my application is currently "under consideration" for two weeks pending a home visit. Two questions. Firstly, what exactly are they looking for when Thai Immigration visit my humble abode? Secondly, have there been any incidents recorded where the application was refused based on the home visit and what reasons were most often given? Many thanks.
  3. I have a BKK Bank ATM card set up to work in any bank's ATM including in neighbouring countries. To make purchases online (air tickets etc) I had to get a credit card. Pretty sure that would work for your new passport.
  4. OP. One further advantage to keeping the bolthole in UK many contributors refer to is that it would be much easier to argue that you are not and do not intend to be non-resident. Hence you will stand a better chance of maintaining your right to NHS services. Years ago, when I moved here, I had no idea they could simply pull the plug and deny me NHS benefit as they did in 2015.
  5. So is this supposed to be a success? No arrests, no boats seized just smugglers dropping a few drugs and making off ready to do the same again in a few days time. “I ordered the military to combine forces with relevant agencies to keep close watch on anything suspicious ...." It seems the "relevant agencies" could not even muster a boat of their own. Funny that, I have seen quite large Maritime Police (not sure official name) camps along the Mekong. They have no boats?
  6. Agreed. There was a standoff for some time at the Tiger Temple. Now see what is happening there. Complete capitulation by the authorities. Yes, untouchable.
  7. It's customs job!! They are well placed to do it.
  8. Yes. I certainly do not present my case as the whole solution. Firstly, it would be a lot easier to catch tourists going home with hooky goods. They already have checks for other purposes and the exiting passengers are channelled. Proof that sellers can easily avoid the authorities is everywhere to be seen. We will have to disagree on this one. As for goods made in Thailand, catch them before they leave the factory. There are fewer factories than sellers and they are a lot less mobile.
  9. I love my Garmins but, as stated above, you have to be a competent user. Part of that competency is to get the settings right and keep the maps up to date. That is not so easy with the handhelds which I change from cycling to motoring use regularly. Once, in the car I was with a friend making our way back onto Route 2 using unpaved tracks. We could see the main road just 50m ahead but GPS said turn left. To test the system, I turned left and about 20m ahead of us was a huge buffalo standing across the track. He paused briefly to look up and, seeing that no one important was coming, he then turned back to eating the lush green grass that was growing along the middle of the track. We went the other way.
  10. Apologies if this has been said before but I cannot read the whole 6 pages of repetition. If the goods are here and the tourists buy to take home, the answer is simple. Wake up the customs officers who sit all day doing nothing and make them stop the goods coming here and stop the tourist taking the goods home.
  11. Unless you know VIBE personally and have been to Immigration with him, you have no right to make this statement. It is common practice in TV for contributors to make such unfounded assumptions and they only serve to detract from the substance of the thread.
  12. 1 I am not confused but I do apologise for not looking at the date of your post. 2 Neither the OP nor I mentioned "going to Thailand for bowling". Bowling was simply mentioned as an example of low numbers of customers. Don't make things up. 3 You appear to be obsessed with your personal wealth. Skint or not, it is not the subject of this thread. Try to focus.
  13. You make some obvious points. There will always be someone who thrives in hard times, recessions, depressions, wars etc. There will also be "varied reasons" why people decide not to visit a specific place. All obvious. But do you seriously suggest that a fall in the value of Sterling of 24% against the Baht between Mid 2015 and now has no impact on the average spending of the average British tourist or expatriate? Such spending may, of course, include whether to come here or not and whether to go bowling or not.
  14. Classic. I love TV, sometimes.
  15. Many years ago I was impressed to hear that a large percentage of RTCs take place near to home, I have just checked this online and fund a UK survey that supports this idea. My interpretation of their figures is that 63% of crashes take place less than 5 miles (8kms) from home. I know that we do not live in the UK but the associated ideas also make sense in Thailand. For instance: "Our research suggests that many drivers appear to be in a comfort zone when driving close to home on familiar roads, hence why such a large proportion of accidents occur there,". How many times in Thailand have we all heard: "I do not need helmet, seat belts, lights etc.....it's not far". The surveyor also made a relevant comment: "It's so important to keep a full level of concentration when driving, whether you're just popping to the shops or starting or ending a longer journey. These results emphasise this even more." As always the good minister's comments do not fail my expectations. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/6018081/One-in-three-road-accidents-happen-a-mile-from-home-survey-says.html