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  1. Does anyone know if this bullshit will affect the Bkk Bank platinum visa and Mastercard *creditcards* or is it only being applied to debit cards?
  2. You set your selling price yourself on bx and localbitcoins , it's impossible to "lock in a loss" If you want 45,000 per btc, they will not be sold for a penny less, if there is not enough liquidity in the market you can sell slowly and in smaller batches..... 10 at a time usually works well ime but they're are some big fish that buy much larger amounts than that....
  3. I only paid 100 for the rabbit card.... Rama9 branch
  4. I was under the impression he means the Bitcoin address which is a long and random alpha numerical code but there is no need to remember it, you just copy/paste The 2FA to log in is only a 6 digit code and as stated by the above user, you SHOULD be using it because of the safety benefits as its function is protecting your cash if someone manages to get your passwords, they still can't steal anything unless they also had your smartphone to get the code as well... I have used Thai exchanges regularly for years and can recommend bx.in.th and coins.co.th and localbitcoins.com is also thriving in Thailand
  5. i think this is indeed the culprit although in reverse All the mobile devices are hi-end but i suspect the cheap router only supports 802.11A . B and G I have asked them to exchange the router with an 802.11N compatible model and they are sending a technician out to try and "fix" this one ,i told them thats just a waste of time but they said thats the procedure before they can request to exchange a router whatever will update thread with the outcome in case it helps someone else in future thanks folks!
  6. Msybe found a solution to this conundrum.... A friend suggested to take the ethernet cable out of the pc and plug it into a 3rd party router (which I would have to purchase) And that should blast the Internet out without a 50MB restriction on mobile devices.... Would this work? If so, how much would I need to spend too get a router that's strong enough signal to cover the whole condo and should it be dual band with 5.0 or would single 2.4 be able to cope with it?
  7. there is no options in the entire settings to switch to wireless N,G or any other previous standards so i dont think its that there is also a very weak signal ,it barely reaches bedrooms from living room etc and the port forwarding is blocked as far as i can tell at isp level so no matter what you do on the router settings ,thiose ports willl not be reachable from outside UNTIL you get permission from true to use some port i learned from a thai forum https://pantip.com/topic/34507198 some people suggested ask them to exchange the Humax for their CIsco modem which is apparently more configurable so i will try this tomorow .....
  8. Samsung Note 5 and S7 edge are not low end /old phones and as previously mentioned, they can get much higher speeds on other WiFi connections and other WiFi routers...
  9. Actually, this worked but only increased the speeds from 24-30MB up to 50MB on the lesser Used 5GHZ Band The true tech who installed it says you "can't" get over 50MB on a mobile device without being plugged in by ethernet cable but I KNOW from experience on other routers this is complete and utter nonsense......
  10. I recently applied for the true 100/30MB fibre package installed today and its very good over lan cable with slightly more than the rated speeds (131/31) the problem is the crappy chinese router they want me to use is incapable of getting over 30-50MB no matter how close you are to it and what mobile device you are using i have tested a galaxy note 5 ,s7 edge ,a tablet and a modern asus laptop ,the technician says mobile devices cant get more than 50MB but i know thats nonsense because i have gotten 220MB and my phone is capable of 300 or 450MB according to Samsung website.... at my office over wifi on the same phone he says cant go over 50MB and even 180MB+ at mcDonalds in MBK a few days ago also port forwarding doesnt seem to be working on this router either,is there anyway to get them to exchange it for a decent one or get your own etc to utilise the full speed of the connection around the condo without hardwiring everything ? the router in question is a "HUMAX HG100RE-02v " if that helps diagnose the problem ..... obviously i have called them and they say they will escalate the problem but i wont get my hopes up as i dont feel this is a technical problem that can be solved via any configuration they can do on their end ......... any thoughts ?
  11. im thinking about buying either the 9 or the 10 soon new or nearly new will be fine i think the 10 would be more power than i would need/use but can imagine the fun already ..... is there any owners here with experience of either model and their sparse dealer and service network ?
  12. nonsense again ,lol cash is all ive ever needed ,and bought the gf a new scooter 24 days ago and registered it the following day at MO Chit
  13. would like to change the 16" steel wheels on a recently purchased yamaha nouvo elegance 135c to mags and tubeless tyres if its not prohibitively expensive anyone know how much we r talking to order the new ones ,either from yahama or a 3rd party retailer etc
  14. i use it as temporary baffle sometimes ......muffles the sound very nicely
  15. buy it quickly ,you will get the advertised price ........ if they try to give you less just buy somewhere else