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  1. Have a friend who comes out every few months for a week or 2 and he stay at JP villa am sure he mentioned it lan cable in the room, best to flick em an email and ask though.
  2. Nah, buying a condo in the name of some floozy that ya renting by the night is dumb.
  3. If you have to do the bike practical most likely it wont be on the same day and they will book you a time to come back to do it.
  4. So these can be owned by a foreigner or do thay have to go in a company name ?
  5. and even then they will punch in the numbers a few times to be sure the calculator is correct.
  6. Left the UK a long time ago and cannot return.... now bouncing around SEA... How is this funded ?
  7. Enjoy your humidity maker then.
  8. A quick look on google suggests the average overnight low for Nakhon Sawan at the moment is 25 degrees, be better to crack a window and use a fan than that cooler thing.
  9. Mother is Thai by the sounds of it so no issue getting thai passport and stuff.
  10. Whats the deal with the fake vents on the rear bumper ?
  11. I do not drink either of them, infact no fizzy bottled drinks at all except beer.