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  1. Someone is overexcited about the new F1 season getting underway !!
  2. Yeah just forget about drunk drivers , violent crime under the influence off drink , days missed at work due to drink related problems , A & E admissions for drunks going out and getting smashed at the weekends and alcoholics requiring treatment over long time for kidney , liver failure and other major health issues caused by dependence on drink . Yeah no logical comparison at all !! But its all good as its legal .
  3. Im sure it is up to moto gp standard though as it was upgraded last year I think in hope that F1 would come. Also look at the cost to get moto gp to come to a country to race vs F1 .Moto gp far better value for money and they hardly stop a race when it rains unlike the F1 babies who cry after a few drops of rain !!
  4. Yeah the commute put me off going and getting back is a nightmare most people say. Start praying !!
  5. Pray this happens .Would be great not having to go out of the country to see it. I'm sure there would be a few hiccups first year but after that should be a success. As for F1 you can keep it. Usually dull as hell unless it rains !!
  6. Yeah the cx-3 is good for 2 people running around but the cx-5 is far better. Don't get why they don't sell the AWD version here. Guess its like most things here , you either cant get the model you want or if you can you will pay through the nose !!
  7. Is the AWD version of this available here ?
  8. They are meant to give these out before or drive around announcing it. 3 times in last 2 weeks our electric was cut off at 8.30am till 5pm without warning in an area that never has power problems. The first time was because they were doing something 15km away !! 2nd time no warning etc and wife went mental down the phone to them. Later that afternoon a call from head guy in BKK saying sorry it happened and wont happen again without warning . 3rd time went off and they said 45 minutes would be back on. Then called 5 times during the day only to be told by everyone that answered that 45 minutes would be on . Cue nuclear scale meltdown over the phone by my wife for 30 minutes !!
  9. No need to blacklist her as im sure she will have decided to blacklist herself without any further help from the authorities !!
  10. Here is the top 5 on the list of 65 countries in the happy scale !! 1. Thailand 2. Syria 3. Afghanistan 4. Iraq 5. N. Korea
  11. The protein is usually in the country already along with most of the other stuff so if you check the delivery times on the items they would have no problem being delivered to your hotel. Obviously they are slightly bulky to cart around. I usually buy 500g vx creatine and 1kg universal whey. Total around 1800 bht.
  12. Can get all kind off protein etc from lazada.
  13. I would just keep working as you are and building up the amount off reps and then after a certain time if your not happy try the proteins etc. I drink creatine and whey both in micro form. The creatine gives you the energy to push your muscles more than you would normally do and gives you some bulk due to water retention from what I can figure out. The whey protein is used for helping your muscles grow and gives them what they need to recover quickly and properly.( they wont grow without the hard work to get them there !)
  14. Looks quite sunny in the photo !! Surprised they didn't say the brakes failed or they hit an oil patch !!
  15. Sounds like utter garbage to me !! This is just groups getting together to tidy up beach areas and it has been mostly organized by non Thais although some Thais are part off the groups from what I have read. This makes it sound like they are separating the garbage into plastics etc , which has been done for years by poor people going around bins to rummage to make a living. !! It doesn't mention anywhere about fixing the huge pile of garbage in the south, fixing the incinerator or solving samui`s long term garbage problem which will only get worse !!