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  1. Disregarding the content of book, what they did is just deny freedom of speech. Once more. Pathetic.
  2. Reconciliation? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  3. Well, well... Reconciliation they say? Sure who's in power now must say thanks a lot to his help... No wonder he's under the spotlight again.
  4. Until press is muzzled they are happy to put words in mouth of whoever they want and uninformed people will listen only their bells... No surprises.
  5. In this country be careful where and how you walk because if you trip on the wrong foot your life becomes less worth than s..t.
  6. Things are definitely getting out of hands here... This way of justice was very popular in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy... Definitely scaring.
  7. If you support the junta, you are indeed a fan, I don't see anything stupid (thanks for your insult) or childish. Oh at least before Thai people had a choice at least but now...
  8. Yes most of Junta hard fans are happy indeed.
  9. Living in a village just on a two lane road I see this stupidity EVERY SINGLE DAY, and once a month there is a big accident exactly like this. In the last 3 months 2 trucks overtaking on a busy lane did crash on oncoming cars, with deadly results. Never mind safety, they have to show how superior they are with their nice collection of amulets making them invincible... not?
  10. Another deflection... You remember me a previous user that is not posting anymore... A coincidence I suppose.
  11. If you take baht as a good indicator for the actual economic momentum you are way way off...
  12. Well, the way the ruling has been made speaks volumes... Justice in Thailand? Working well for the influential people and the Elite, for other people I don't think so.
  13. I beg to differ... It's the immigration that has to make in the way that queue at counters are smooth. If you have 18 counters available and more than half are closed, and have a queue then the management is at least poor (to be generous)...
  14. Please note that the queue was in the departure section, not arrival.
  15. So your hate is because you are jealous of what the guys had and had been stolen from him... I am at loss of words. About Jonathan Head I won't even comment because you have been perfectly clear about your position, with which I don't agree at all.