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  1. Will be hard to know, since closing a company is more difficult and costly than opening one. So when you go bankrupt with a company, you are suddenly faced with even more problems to close the company officially. Thats why thousands of companies exist here, but are just dormant. If the 3% is correct, then I am happy for Thailand. But overall the economy is still only going one way... Down!. And I am pretty sure they can forget their ambitions of more foreign investment.
  2. For sure will go to Bangkok, when I want to party.
  3. Yes, there are thousands of empty condos there and even more are being built on a daily bases. I visited 2 condos which were both over 1 year old. Only 20% of the units had been sold in those. The market must wake up to reality at some point.
  4. Well, I am so sorry I have offended you, by sharing my thoughts about Pattaya. You do realise that criticism and people speaking their mind, is actually a good thing? That is the way improvements and progress is made. Or have you lived here so long, that you have become Thai and lose face, when something says things you do not agree with?
  5. Yes, I do not like Pattaya after visiting and Yes, Chiang Mai was boring the last time I went out... (a year ago). Now I have a friend coming and I am therefore asking about the Night Life situation in Chiang Mai. Regarding you saying I am personally living a dull life.... Well, first of all, I do not consider living a NORMAL life (without having to party or sit in a bar every day/weekend) a boring life. Besides that, I visit Bangkok 1-2 times every month for business and could go out there as much as I wanted....that is IF I wanted. However, I actually seldom go out when there, because I have tried enough partying for several life times, before I met my wife. I actually find it extremely boring sitting in e.g. a GOGO or some bar talking to some bargirl... but I am sure my friend will enjoy the experience. And that is why I asked about an update of the Night life in CM. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion videos :-)
  6. Air Asia flys daily and directly to Pattaya from CM. I personally consider the tickets to be very cheap. I fully understand why many people find CM boring, because it is very boring, if bars and nightlife is a priority. But for a place of living with a family (with small kids) and working, it is a great and very cheap place to live. Lots and lots of places to visit in the weekends. And most important! It is does not have garbage thrown everywhere. I would for sure never want to take my family to Pattaya for a weekend trip. Then there are so many other better and cleaner places to visit in Thailand.
  7. Still looks same same :-) ... Think I will take my visitor on a BKK-trip instead.
  8. I agree, that CM is "boring". However, with cheap flights to both Pattaya and Bangkok (I prefer Bangkok), then CM is a great place to live what I would describe as a more "normal" life. If I want to party hard, I can always visit. But I could never live there.
  9. I know a lot of people have invested there successfully (including my Thai and Farang Friends). However, and as you say, the place truly is a shit-hole, which tells me that the place is a long-term bad investment (just my opinion).
  10. Last week was my first 4 day visit to Pattaya after 7 years of living in Thailand (Bangkok, Hua Hin and now Chiang Mai). Had a few business meetings there (possible Condo Investments) and was quite excited to finally see what Pattaya was all about. Anyway, must admit that I was kind of surprised about the whole experience. Of course the place is known for its nightlife and compared to the other places I have lived here, this was pretty overwhelming. However, nothing that chocked me, although I thought it was "way too much". What surprised me the most was driving along the beach and seeing how dirty it was. Filled with plastic and tourist sunbathing in what looking like a garbage dump place. I am really surprised the city has grown so much and become so popular (I guess only due to the sex-industry). How people can choose to live there full time or even go on holiday there, is beyond my understanding. Visit the place for a party night out with friends I can understand, but besides that.... I really can not see Pattaya ever becoming a place for quality tourists or families, unless they totally redo the place and get the beach cleaned up. Why do none of the expats living and investing there, do something to influence the authorities there to at least clean up the beaches? And how can anyone truly believe that beaches filled with rubbish, can attract anyone besides low-income sex-tourists? Overall really a bad experience and for sure not a place, I will ever visit again. (or invest in). And what a shame really. Because the potential is there, but its just a complete mess. (worst I have ever seen in Thailand)
  11. I have lived in CM for just over a year now and have only been out for a few times when I first came here. At that time, everything closed at 24.00 (including nightclubs) and only options to have a drink after that time was super boring Karaoke Bars. Since then I could not be bothered to go out, since I just found the nightlife way to boring here. Have a friend coming over for a visit and would appreciate an update on the nightlife in CM. Does everything still go "dead" after 24.00? and any recommendations of where to go out in CM? (not looking for the typical Backpacker bar/club). Any Nightclubs open after midnight? Thanks.
  12. We will never know... maybe they are even suspecting Brian of being pregnant... (Tomorrows Story)
  13. Well, due to "Brian" only speaking English this is a very complicated interview.
  14. My wife passed her license last week. She still can't drive... No wonder things like this happen.
  15. I always love when they phone and then hang up because English is spoken...