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  1. Where did they get an x ray machine that size ? Did they borrow from the elephant hospital by any chance .
  2. I wonder if your landlord ever reads this forum ?
  3. OK now I see they seem to be measuring PM10 vs PM 2.5
  4. The air in Chiang Mai is already "horrible" (there are words that could sum it up better !). Checking on the site Air quality index it is already unhealthy/dangerous But what is the deal with the air in Chiang Rai, positively squeaky clean - did they get rain ??
  5. Deleted some off topic arguments, as getting way off topic with some members just having a go at each other.
  6. Interesting you should mention this . A couple in my friend's village (father and son) were almost wiped out a month or so ago by strawberries . Luckily they were fairly close to the hospital and they had stomachs drained etc. They had eaten ice cream with fresh strawberries just beforehand and it sure was not the ice cream. I haven't touched a strawberry this year after hearing that!
  7. Big round thing with a dot in the middle
  8. What the hell is that - giant CCTV camera in the mid-top and obligatory bushfire in the top right corner !
  9. If the English translation is dodgy one can only wonder what the Chinese translation says. I spoke to an American girl who managed to get a parking ticket the other day. She said she parked tidily on the end of a row of other motorbikes. Policeman told her that her bike was "outside the parking zone". She was fined 200 Bt. Happy days being a Chiang Mai policeman I guess.
  10. No worries WTK I 'll take my own butler Actually it sounds ideal for us , we both appreciate somewhere that hasn't been Nimmanhaemified. We'll probably have lunch and then take Henry some flowers !
  11. Topic closed as per OP's request
  12. Strange you should mention that Nancy, as my friend's grandfather is buried there! He is the reason I ended up in Chiang Mai in the first place!
  13. Brilliant idea ! My friend is visiting from the States next month. She has been to CM many times but never the Gymkhana; she'll love it ! It's on our list !
  14. Looking through these it would seem that if the account is hacked or some sort of device is used to skim ATM card details, you are basically screwed. Anyone have any idea how this would compare to International banks?