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  1. What liability does the lawyer have if they give bad advice or miss something they should have advised you about?
  2. In the evening you do get older expats there chatting yes having a beer or two maybe, is it that different from a bar? Not getting harrassed for lady drinks. I walk past it but it might suit some people who want to get out and meet people. I don't think drink is compulsory
  3. I had a quick look at this, very close to baht bus route, rent seems cheap 7500+, studios seem tiny, i assume one beds will be relatively small also. But the right size and right price I'd probably buy there too. I've just checked, 1 bed 23 metres, i didn't think that was possible
  4. People are selling currently at Centara for example without the chanote. Some guys without the knowledge and without proper guidance are going ahead. You'd hope that a lawyer would advise you not to go ahead.
  5. Beach Road, Pattaya
  6. Using Transferwise and the like may not be the best option for larger amounts. Using a UK bank and send in GBP so it converts to THB at your Thai bank will often work out cheaper (fee £5-25 depending on what the UK bank charges)
  7. Is this Lumpini ville? I would be slightly nervous buying without a lawyer especially when you hear stories of people buying condos and still haven't got the Chanote and may not get it (Centara) . I'd probably do a mini checklist based on the forums I've read and other info I've picked up.
  8. Who receives the money for the condos? I assume the owner would receive the proceeds less costs. I'm guessing small property developers may be at the auction to buy some/loads and sell on
  9. Maybe check, but as this thread is about UK bank accounts it was mainly about people who lived in the UK
  10. For example the Halifax Clarity card, is good for bank withdrawals and purchases, the rate is better than Revolut and also beats soi buakhao exchange booths by 0.5% last time i checked
  11. Yes get out as much as you can. BR opposite mike shopping mall seems to be where a lot of expats catch up, head down there if in the area and maybe meet new people
  12. When i and others have compared rates its been bad, weekend particularly bad with their hidden charge. There are better options
  13. Guys on here seem to enjoy regular handbag fights so yeah go for defamation. It might make the bitter poisonous ones think twice.
  14. It's a shame their thai baht exchange rate is so bad, i stopped using it. Hidden charges were laughable